celebrating our differences


I recently read a post on the PeaceXPeace blog WeekXWeek and the accompanying comments. One comment was written by a woman who labeled herself a “difference” feminist. She went on to explain that she sees and celebrates the differences between men and women in her feminist world view, as opposed to what is traditionally considered to be a feminist approach where women were trying to take on men’s attributes. There is so much to say and write about this topic, but what I want to address here is how this perspective of differences underscores what Unabashedly Female is all about. Men and women are different. This is something to celebrate. If there wasn’t an organic reason for this difference, there would only be one gender here on earth.

For decades, women have been trying to be more like men in order to succeed and be a powerful force in the world. What we are now seeing in so many circles is a shift in realization that our power lies in being authentically ourselves, authentically female. It is important to live into our differences in gender, for when we do we are living into the natural intelligence that underlies all of Life.

One organization celebrating differences and working towards bringing out the change that can come from supporting girls and women is the Nike Foundation. And, rooted in the work of the Nike Foundation is girleffect.org. Girleffect.org has a great video to watch that explains their work, as well as a fact sheet that beautifully speaks to why we should pay attention to girls.

Think about girls and women in your life that could use your love, support and encouragement. Check out the Nike Foundation and girleffect.org. See how you can make a difference in a girl’s life.

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