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Unabashedly Female was my digital home for many years. Here, I shared my journey into the Sacred Feminine as it unfolded. You’ll find many years of writings that explore what I discovered, felt, and sensed along the way.

I now work out of my site, JulieDaley.com. Come visit me at my new home to learn about One-on-One coaching, and my current courses F L O U R I S H and Writing Raw.


Teacher, writer, and coach, since 2003, I have led hundreds of people from all walks of life to awaken the soul–the source of true creative expression within.

My own inward journey began in 2001, when it became clear that a 17-year career as a systems analyst and my new Computer Science and Design degree from Stanford University could not distract what wanted to come forth in me. Two deeply traumatic experiences called me to listen to a stirring intuitive voice. As I followed this voice, I left my career and became a certified Creativity in Business teacher, which is a course from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and received coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Federation of Coaches. I worked with top teachers and trainers from around the world in emotional intelligence, conscious embodiment, leadership potential, spontaneous awakening, the sacred feminine, finding one’s purpose, healing the pain of the past, and disconnecting from negative conditioning.

My work as a coach and teacher of Creativity in Business (and other adapted courses) has varied with the setting, from one-on-one to groups and businesses. I have worked with corporations, including Microsoft, and I teach Creativity and Leadership at Stanford University Continuing Studies. I have taught and coached women and men who lost loved ones in 9/11, and 9/11 widows who wanted to learn to love again. And, I’ve worked with people who live in the beautiful town of Newtown, CT who were directly affected by the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook School.

As my own journey towards discovering the sacred feminine within deepens, I’m adapting all I’ve experienced and learned to create and offer courses and coaching that help guide women into their own internal landscape, a land where the sacred feminine makes herself known in Her own way.

We each have a blessing to give, and as women, a deeply instinctive, creative force that emits power beyond measure. It is my blessing to guide you to the heart of this sacred, creative nature, to help you manifest it with consciousness, and to support you in delivering to the world the gifts you were meant to give.

When I’m not working, I love dancing the 5Rhythms, writing prose and poetry, process painting, spending time with my grandchildren, and walking in this beautiful city I live in.



I have studied and worked as a coach with numerous creative, conscious people. As a result, I bring a deep understanding of the awakening process, and incorporate many different types of coaching and awakening practices into work with my clients.

Coaching Palette

• Andrew Harvey and the Institute for Sacred Activism

• Creativity in Business Certified Instructor (Michael Ray)

• Awakening Coaching Training (Arjuna Ardagh)

• True Purpose Coaching (Tim Kelley)

• Conscious Embodiment (Wendy Palmer)

• The Hoffman Process – Community Facilitator Training

• Recovery Coaching (Alida Schuyler)

• Lynn Barron

• Adyashanti

Certifications + Degrees

• B.S. with honors and distinction, Phi Beta Kappa, in Interaction Design (computer science, communications, digital art and psychology) from Stanford University. Worked closely with Terry Winograd, David Kelley (IDEO), Clifford Nass & Greg Niemeyer

• Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute

Work experience

• Hoffman Institute Foundation; a Hoffman certified community facilitator

• Consultant to corporations and organizations, teaching Creativity in Business, Creativity and Leadership courses

•’ Creativity and Leadership’ Instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies

• ‘Living the Creative Life’ Facilitator for non-traditional undergraduate Stanford Students

• Certified Creativity in Business Teacher (a world renowned course from Stanford Graduate School of Business)

• Worked extensively with Tuesdays’ Children (a NYC non-profit established to assist families directly affected by 9/11) to facilitate creative leadership and relationship courses to help family members get back fully into life

• 17 years experience in banking: branch operations, accounting, data processing, systems analysis, user experience design

Training & Memberships

• Awakening Coach Training
• Purposeful Coach Training
• Recovery Coach Training
• Past President of San Francisco Coaches, ICF Charter Chapter
• Former co-leader of Coaching Women as Leaders Co-Active Network Community

Julie M Daley, CPCC

Transformational Coach
Creativity Catalyst

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