I Write and the Words Weave Beauty


There is an impetus in creativity that is of the creation itself.

Creation is life.

Creations are alive.

I am finally putting together the chapters of my book that I’ve written so far…printing them out on paper. Touching them in real life. In reading the words, they weave beauty back into my heart.

I read the words I’ve written about the life I have lived and I am touched by the beauty woven through the words…and through my life. I am touched by the life in the creation itself.

It’s been hard to reconnect with this book that has languished on my hard drive, yet in printing the pages out and reading the words, I can now see that the work has a life of its own. Of course it does…how could I have ever thought this was my book, my work?

I write and the words weave beauty. The words themselves weave a tapestry of something greater than my mind and will.

Perhaps the most important ‘thing’ I could share in all my years of facilitating creativity is exactly this:

The creation is alive. We are simply the stewards, the gardners, the midwives of the creation. Tap into the life inherent in the creation. Feel it in your bones. It will infuse you with the love needed to midwife it into reality.

Every creation is alive.

Feel the aliveness in the creation that is you. Follow that aliveness. Give breath to it. Give expression to it. This is why you are here.


This song and these images move me deeply. They sing to me of the life that is inherent in our creative urges. Feel the life in this creation – these words, this music, these images. Know that this same creative force is within you.


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