Your Beauty


“It does not pay to cherish symbols when the substance lies so close at hand.” ~ Audre Lorde


Why do we look for God out there, up there, outside of us, when all that exists is the sacred made manifest?

The substance of the sacred is so close you can touch it, so close you can breathe it, in fact closer than your breath.

I am filled with the light of the sacred.

You are filled with the light of the sacred.

All is filled with the light of the sacred.

A shadow hovers over this light. We fear seeing it.

We fear our own magnificence.

We’ve been taught we are not worthy. That is not so. We are the sacred made manifest in form.

Hide not from your own light.

Hide not from your own darkness.

Turn to look within.

See the light of the sacred shining from the very center of your being.

See the darkness of the mystery, where what is yet to be lies waiting to be known.

I can tell you one thing: I see your beauty and it is breathtaking.

I will not be silent about your beauty.

I will not be silent.


image  by Flickmor, shared under cc2.0

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4 Replies to “Your Beauty”

  1. thank you for honoring the sacredness of life loud enough to make me smile through the pixels of this screen.

    you are beautiful. we are beautiful. this is beautiful. thank god.

  2. Oh Julie – this just sings to my soul. Thank you thank you thank you.

    It’s funny, cos I was reading something I wrote a while back on my old blog about faith, which I think connects to what you’ve shared here. Hope you don’t mind my sharing a snippet…

    …And I think this brings me to the crux of my uneasiness with the concept of faith: we have been taught that the divine, the numinous, is outside. In fact, not only outside, but upwards and at a great distance. Something that needs to be mediated and interpreted. Something that is too great for just ordinary living souls to appreciate and connect with. For me, having faith would require that I give up some part of myself to some other who, as an initiate, had attained some form of spiritual superiority. I’m questioning this now. Perhaps faith doesn’t require the trappings with which is has traditionally been bedecked. Perhaps one could have faith, without forsaking their belief in the divine spark that belongs in each and every beating heart…

    Much love

  3. Thanks so much, Julie.

    I have been reading Rumi and thinking along the same lines.

    This is just beautiful, and these sentiments cannot be stated often enough.
    We all need reminders…

    Love to you…

  4. So many amazing voices, so many ways to embrace Sacred Feminine and the Divine in all things. Thank you. Blessings and love, Sally

    “Spiritual answers come from within.”
    Wisdom of Mary Magdalene

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