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“Julie has deep insight and the ability to integrate in ways that can take us to new levels of performance, discovering parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.”  
~ John Hagel, Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge Innovation 

“Julie Daley is a unique combination of profound experience, technical skills, deep searching, and practical wisdom – all focused on exactly what leaders need to take themselves and all of us into a better future.”
~ Michael Ray, Professor Emeritus, Stanford School of Business School

“Julie is one of the wisest coaches I have worked with. She is one of the best, a genius of the body and heart. Her words, her presence, are a manifestation of what is real, what is precious, what is life giving. Julie’s ideas, words and intent feed what must be fed for us to change the course of our planet through love. Let yourself be fed. Let yourself know the real in your bones.”
~ Jennifer Louden

Julie stirs up the power that women feel in their core. Strength, sensuality, discernment — she brings it all through story and a presence that wakes people up to so much more.”
~ Danielle LaPorte

“Julie Daley has a way of seeing what is underneath what we say is there and parting the crowds inside of us to let the glow of what we really mean shine through.
~Dyana Valentine

“Julie is sensuality incarnate, wrapped in love.”

~Tanya Geisler

“Julie is brilliant, compassionate, and the embodiment of eroticism!”
~Ronna Detrick

“When I think of Julie Daley, I think of her as the holy wisdom bearer. She is one of those people who is directly, deeply connected to the Divine and to collective consciousness. She is perpetually pouring out the wisdom she’s gathered (and thought about and responded to). And I am here standing with open arms.”
~ Bridget Pilloud

What clients say about Julie:

“Julie is like a fine tuning fork, using her body, mind and spirit to connect and sense things on a deeper level. She has helped me come home to myself.”
~ Alison van Buuren, MBA, CEC, Executive Coach

If you are meeting Julie Daley through Twitter or Facebook or her blog, and thinking that she might be able to coach you through a change or an opportunity or a stuck place, you are correct: she will tap into her overflowing coaching toolbox and do all of those things for and with you.Andif you hope that Julie might be able to help you open a wide door onto a vastness that you’ve only glimpsed or hoped to glimpse, you will be right about that, too.Julie coaches with her whole Julie-ness: body, mind, spirit, heart. I will always be grateful for the honor of working with her.
Angela Kelsey

I followed Julie’s blog Unabashedly Female for about a year before I began working with her. The blog is a perfect reflection of Julie herself – lovely, complex, wise and deeply concerned with bringing more feminine energy – in all it’s manifestations – into the world. When I reached an important threshold in my life, I asked for her support to help me understand how to trust in and call upon that feminine energy within myself.

I found Julie to be a teacher in the best sense of the word – a seeker dedicated to helping others toward even greater self knowledge.  She has a well honed sense of intuition and seemed to always know when to interpret, when to encourage and when to confront. As I look back on it, it is clear that she played the role of midwife during this intense period – helping me invite and usher in what previously seemed impossible.
~ Betsy P.

“Julie Daley knows how to step into my world, swiftly grasp my dilemma or opportunity and then cull from me a vision for how I can address the situation to achieve my higher purpose. The solutions comes from within me, but she draws them out and illuminates their value. Working with Julie is an inspiration.”
Patricia Martin, Author RenGen

Working with Julie as my coach over a period of several years was a privilege.  She brings to her work such integrity, presence, skill, and love that I felt the wonderful balance of being challenged to grow and at the same time safely held.   Her deep spirituality touched all that we did together, even when I hoped to achieve very tangible, practical goals. Through the coaching I have been able to experience a greater sense of wholeness, and living more fully in harmony with my values. I have learned to discern what is true for me and value the sacredness of my feminine self.As an artist it has been especially important for me to learn to express my creative spirit and learn to use my voice freely.  I feel that my art work now more clearly mirrors who I am and brings me much deeper satisfaction. I recommend Julie as a life coach fully and with no hesitation!  She has been a most important person and influence in my life.
– BB

I have been receiving coaching from Julie, and I have to say that since working with her, my personal growth has accelerated at rates that astound me.  My recent schooling has conditioned me to assess improvement through measurable outcomes, and there have certainly been no shortage of these since joining Julie in a coaching relationship. Since beginning my work with her, I have fulfilled a dream of living abroad, given up a self-destructive relationship with alcohol, taken a leap in moving across the country, leaving my former occupation behind to attend graduate school and embark on a more fulfilling career.  Each of these milestones would have been unthinkable to me prior to knowing Julie.  It was absolutely her loving support and incredible coaching that pushed me to make such bold moves. But at least as valuable to me as the tangible outcomes are the subtler, less measurable shifts that have come out of the work I’ve done with Julie. Since beginning coaching, I have a greater sense of trust in myself, a respect for my own wisdom, and a deep commitment to continue this lifelong journey of knowing and loving myself. In addition, I have come to view myself as someone who takes risks and faces fears, and my confidence has improved dramatically from it.

Julie balances skillful intuition, humor, wisdom, and compassionate listening in her coaching in such a way that one’s heart cannot help but open in response.  Her complete and total presence and attention during the coaching sessions creates an environment in which tuning into oneself and knowing what is true becomes natural and less effortful. I cannot recommend Julie’s coaching sessions highly enough.  Whatever kind of change you are trying to make in your life, she will support you in exactly the way that you need.  This is truly her gift- please let her share it with you. ~Liz Bartlett

“Julie encouraged me to stretch out and from within. She always asked the questions that generated amazing responses and feelings from within. … I was honored to receive her gift.” ~ Creative Insight participant (Creative Insight worked with families directly affected by 9/11)

Organizational Training and Consulting:

“In a 30-year business career, I have worked in a wide range of companies and roles, from management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group to marketing guru at high tech startups to an executive and corporate officer at a public company. I haven’t ever encountered someone with Julie’s unique combination of heart, soul, intelligence, and wisdom. She is a very gifted teacher, consultant, and coach. It is hard to imagine an individual or organization which wouldn’t benefit from her talents. She will bring the kind of personal and organizational growth which is so needed in our world today.” D Torrey

“I hired Julie to deliver a customized off-site training experience to help our marketing team overcome creative obstacles. I’m pleased to say that she exceeded our expectations across the board. We started with a very nebulous set of goals, and Julie immediately jumped in to help us refine and prioritize what we could reasonably accomplish. As the date of the offsite drew nearer, the trainees were very skeptical about what the training was all about and what the results might be. Julie deftly overcame these negative perceptions and turned the team’s skepticism into enthusiasm within the first couple of hours. By the end of the day, the team was in high spirits, delighted with the tools that Julie provided and the exercises she led in helping us to identify and engage the barriers to our creative success.

She is a top notch professional who I would not hesitate to hire again.”
-E Watson, Microsoft


“As always, Julie’s writing takes me to a place that I, long ago, learned to avoid – and this post addresses this ‘place’ and the subtle terror (if terror could ever really be subtle) I feel when I approach it. It’s a wildness that lives in every cell of my body; and which, I learned to silence, when I was too young to understand that it was happening.

Once silenced, once habitual, it became virtually impossible to re-open; because, though I sensed it’s shadow shape in the emptiness it left behind, there was no one who could name it for me. So many women hold this shadow shape inside.

With Julie’s work, I touch it again… and, more important, I FEEL it. I sense and almost know it. I continue to return – grateful. Grateful. (In a few minutes, I will take a walk in nature – my first in months, inspired by this wildness within, inspired by this beautiful writing.)” ~ Amy Oscar

“When I first met Julie, it was through her blog. No matter where I was, I’d read something Julie posted and say “Yes, Yes. Me, too. Me, too.” right out loud with the enthusiasm best conveyed by all caps. With exclamations subsided somewhat, I’d pen a comment that might be up to twice as long as her post – Julie’s work just resonated with me that deeply. It still does.

Julie’s words make me feel, ask, wonder, celebrate. Her words open windows into another way of being. Julie’s wisdom, her honesty and openness, her questing, her seeking, her willingness to be and show vulnerability, her fierce desire to live a lush, sensuous life tethered only to the determination to live as a fully-embodied female is nothing short of beautiful . . . the kind of beauty the world needs more of.”
Jeanne Hewell-Chambers

“ I run into your blog and immediately fell in love with your wisdom and the way you weave it into your beautiful words. I’ve read most of your blogs and especially love “So many Silences”, “Old Woman Wise Woman Powerful Woman”, and “The You That Takes Your Breath Away”. I could identify with you in so many ways. Those articles also helped me articulate many feelings that had been oppressed for a long time….You had a part in helping me realize my dream. I really want to let you know my deep appreciation.

…I hope that you can keep on what you are doing because your power is much more widespread than you imagine. I believe there’re many other souls being influenced by your work even if you don’t know them. ~ M. (China)

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