It Just Popped Out

Spring, by Julie Daley


I’ve become enamored with the idea of what can be created when we bring people, ideas and creations together, combining creative impulses, drawing upon each other’s spark. This is the second of two posts to explore this idea. Who knows, maybe there will be more!


A few posts ago, I wrote about Spring. Just as Spring is in the air, writing about Spring was, too. A very recent blogger acquaintance, Jeanie Miley, stopped by to read my post. Just prior to my post, she had visited Renae Cobb to read her post about Spring. Jeanie was inspired and whammo, “it just popped out” (the it being an amazing poem) into my comments section. Jeanie literally wrote a poem and left it in the comments. I was blown away by what I read and wanted to share it with you, so you could be, too.

It’s funny. Many months ago, I wrote a post titled Make Love to Life as if it were Your Beloved.

Now, through Serendipity, Jeannie graced this blog with this fresh, in-the-moment poetry, brought about the spirit of collaboration, through one woman sparking another into her own creative genius.

Here is Jeanie’s poem. It is sensual and free, full of eros and light. At the time she wrote it, she didn’t leave a title.


And what if…
life itself is
making love to us,

seducing our hearts and minds
with the gentle
unfolding of buds
and blossoms?
….engaging us
with the tender and
warm embrace
of spring?

What if it is life itself
kissing us
with tender showers?
granting us
a chance to
shed our
winter doldrums
with our sweaters
and coats
and let the earth
itself bathe our
bare feet in wonder?
What if?

What if life itself is
a lover,
wanting to be
embraced and
enjoyed? What if
the coming of
spring is
and the fever we
call spring fever
is…’s passion,
burning in us
for expression?

What if life itself
is a lover and simply
wants to teach us
the ways of love?

What if lovemaking is, after all,
our assignment on this
good earth?


As Jeanie wrote in subsequent comments:

“Julie — your blog post inspired me — and it just popped out — but perhaps it popped out of a bud that has been sitting on a branch for a long, long winter! I just wrote it, in response to your blog! It was so freeing and fun! It’s so much fun to be a part of a co-creation. I should have said that it was Renae who sent me to your post — and it was both her post and yours that inspired me to write the piece. I love the process of collaboration — it’s such a wonderful feminine strength, isn’t it?


This process of collaboration, of one writing what comes and sharing it freely, of the next doing the same, then another reading these words and allowing whatever naturally arises to be shared so freely is the way that is being born.

None of it really, when it comes right down to us, belongs to us. It is all part of the Everything and the Nothing, the Oneness that lives and breathes through us all.

What joy comes when we share what comes through us, willingly, and then revel in watching the mystery of creativity unfold right before our eyes. And in my experience as a teacher/facilitator of creativity, “It just pops out” all the time – when we’re willing to be present to it, we are ready to birth it, then set it free to be enjoyed by others.


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