How will you be in your Womanhood?


Womanhood. The Sacred Feminine incarnate.

For so long, a story of womanhood as less-than has been told, repeatedly, in almost every language. Tongues of both genders have spoken words of feminine degradation. These stories have been woven into the institutions we have to interact with on a daily basis.

They are stories that have been told for many centuries. And yet, that doesn’t make them true.

In life, there is no better-than or less-than, there is only what is…what shines out from the depths of your eyes, what loves from deep in the center of your heart, what moves in the belly of your soul. It is only our minds that want to compare and judge.

The mystery that is creation, will always be a mystery, no matter how doggedly man pursues the ultimate unveiling of creation by way of rational reason. At the heart of the heart, is a sacred mystery, at the center of the womb, a divine purity.

What if the very thing you hide, or try to deny, or apologize for, about being a woman is what ultimately will free you to be all that you already are?

What if the embodied awareness of this pure mystery in every woman on the planet is what is needed for our very survival?

What if?

How would you be with your womanhood?

How WILL you be in your womanhood?

I’d love to know your thoughts to these questions by having you share them in the comments. I feel we all benefit from knowing what is going on deep inside of women. It is time we share.

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3 Replies to “How will you be in your Womanhood?”

  1. Hi,
    I just discovered your site, Julie, and its inspirational! Its so important that the sacred and divine feminine, the Goddess, is revered and honoured at this time, that the balance is restored harmoniously. Whoever feels the call to honour the inner Goddess and the Divine Goddess in all forms is amongst many worldwide with a shared vision. One of harmony rather than dissidence, a vision where the Goddess energy, the sacred feminine, is balancing and harmonising in all ways. Through the arts, achievements in all areas, humanitarian and social rights programs, equal opportunities and education, enlightenment, feminine empowerment.
    The womb is powerful, it nurtures and facilitates growth, new life, the birth of life itself.
    Your questions, Julie:
    Our ego’s deny us many things, our conditioning, false self beliefs, they can take away the root of our essence, our sacred Goddess power within. Within are many archetypes, many roles, and we are capable of playing them all, perhaps? Are we identifying with our inner virgin, mother, whore, martyr, dominatrix, victim, perpetrator etc? Do we own our power or give it away haphazardly? Do we live under the delusion that it is better to be ‘pure’ and wrong to enjoy passion? Is a Saint really any more important than a Sinner in a metaphorical way? Redefining our roles is so important, reclaiming our personal power and living in balance with our power, never being afraid to access our power source when appropriate.

    Personal definition of ‘how I will be in my womanhood’: Fearless, compassionate yet retaining self-power, true to self rather than resorting to ego-based relating and behaving, accepting of desire, passion and open to love and previously unexplored ways of relating.

    Mwah x

  2. I am in my womanhood. I find the real challenge to be coming up against my own ageing issues. Passion inside is there but physically at times not everything is the way you want it or the way it was…it is here there is the challenge. We women do the caring and I lived – in my thirties, forties, and fifties as Sarah above states: fearlessly, compassionately, opening to love and new ways of relating but I find it is ageing and ‘declining physical function’ that is so hard. Do-ing gives way to BE-ing and opening to others to do the DO-ing. No amount of raw living or spiritual purification or go-out-there and ‘just do it’ does it when our parts naturally ‘age’. It is in the evolution of kindness-in-action to ourselves at all phases of our lives that will make the difference in allowing and encouraging our flourishing and our legacies. Love lives in the void as well as in the ‘actions’. I appreciate this website and feel you offer a fresh clean voice for women. Thanks, Isabella

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