Help Haiti Blog Challenge


I joined the help haiti blog challenge when I heard about it on Twitter. Kelly Diels decided to ask her friends and colleagues to find creative ways to raise money for donating, so she began this challenge. Kelly suggested we all think about how we can contribute, whether it is a service, our time, or anything else we might think of.

While I instantly wanted to be a part of this challenge, at first I didn’t know how I would participate. As I sat with the images coming from Haiti, I felt overwhelmed at the immensity of the situation. I knew I had to donate something, so I began to check out groups that felt donation worthy, meaning those where the funds would be used wisely.

For me, my donation is something I feel must be separate from my business. I don’t want to mix marketing my work with any donation I might make. It’s just what works for me. I have donated to AARP, which will match any donations made. If you would like to contribute to AARP, too, just click here.

That being said, I know there are some fantastic people who have found imaginative and creative ways to offer their services so that they might increase their ability to donate to a worthy cause. If you’re interested in checking these out, visit Kelly’s blog, Cleavage to check it out.

Thank you, Kelly, for bringing together the Twitter community and finding such a creative way to raise even more money to help Haiti.

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