Masculinity, Divine Feminine & Creation


I came across this video yesterday, courtesy of Chameli Ardagh. This young man, Molina Soliel gives me so much hope that one day we will all come to know, honor, and live the divine feminine and divine masculine in ourselves, in others, and in all of life.

Molina is an artist of the spoken word. Molina speaks to the truth that “without women, none of us would exist.” “It’s women who give life.” To hear this strong, passionate, beautiful man speak about both the masculine and feminine within him, within other men, within us all, makes me smile really brightly.

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7 Replies to “Masculinity, Divine Feminine & Creation”

  1. oh how wide this made me smile this morning. Strong, passionate, Beautiful man is right! Lord how I love to hear a man talk this way. Thanks for passing it along.

  2. Olive & Hope, You are so welcome. Isn’t it amazing to hear a strong man speak so lovingly about women, the feminine and the feminine within him? Smiles all around…

  3. What an incredible young man! Thank you for posting this, Julie.
    In my experience, “the patriarchy” has wounded men as well as women terribly and when women take on masculine qualities to the exclusion of their incredible feminine qualities, they become enablers of a system that is disabling to all. (Just as “matriarchy” would wound, in the opposite direction — We need both masculine and feminine strengths to flourish in both men and in women!) — This young man is so right: when a man is confined to a cultural role expectation, many aspects of that man are not allowed to flourish and thrive. So often, women today have become inferior males and men have become inferior females by shutting down all aspects of masculine and feminine traits and in service to patriarchical one-sidedness in our culture. Carl Jung said that neurosis is a one-sidedness. This young man shows us a confident, bold, straight-forward masculininty that is supported by an open, warm and vulnerable femininity How beautiful is that! What I love, love, love about your website,Julie, is that you blend the strengths — It is breathtakingly beautiful! To see a woman who is strong and powerful and a man who is gentle and receptive — what bliss! Keep doing what you are doing! It’s like a healing balm to my soul.

  4. Our very biological nature has tinted the balance between our masculinity and femininity. To the wise, it is understood that the strong and the soft must be acknowledged in order for a person to grow. Without this understanding, we will never truly see who we really are. A man needs a woman to explore his other side, so it is with a woman. Each completes the other. 🙂

  5. *clears out an ear with one finger* Wow! Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

    Yes, I did. It’s the sound of positive change coming from a guy who has to be at least 10 yrs younger than me.

    It’s the sound of a guy who would tell my own dad to quit wigging out around fiery-tempered women such as myself. (I’m an Aries with Sag. rising)

    This guy has the sound of Peace written all over him.


    1. Kathryn, I love what you wrote and that you stopped by to write it! Thank you. Yes, he sounds peace…and beauty and compassion. I found him to be utterly breathtaking. And, I LOVE meeting fiery-tempered women, being a Leo (albeit with a Picses rising).

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