Pleasure In Numbers

Red Canna by Georgia OKeeffe
Red Canna by Georgia O'Keeffe


I feel
there is something
unexplored about a woman
that only a woman
can explore.
~ Georgia O’Keeffe


Something unexplored…

About a woman…

That only a woman can explore…


What is unexplored?
about you?
about me?
about us?
about woman?

If we were to embark on an adventure of woman,
which way would we go?


This is woman’s terrain.

A place woman knows, but doesn’t yet know.

It’s where soft petals open to the light,
where sweet fragrance fills the air,
where we receive that which our hearts have longed for.


It’s right here…right under our noses.

Let’s discover together.

There is pleasure in numbers.


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6 Replies to “Pleasure In Numbers”

  1. oh yes, this is a terrain i know intimately, but not enough that i can traverse it without looking down at where i put my feet. let’s explore and create our own maps, then let’s share and create an atlas with more pages than we can count. i’m ready. i’m so ready.

  2. Discovering together. Pleasure in Numbers.

    Yes, thank you, I’m in!

    I’ll keep taking those photos that I hope speak to others’s souls as much as they do to mine….

    and invite you all to take a look and see if they can be part of the process for you, too.

    Hugs and butterflies,

  3. There is so much still unexplored. I am only beginning to taste my inner beauty, my spirit’s power. Pleasure in numbers – yes – holding up mirrors for each other, creating safe sacred space, multiplying our powerful selves. Lovely.

  4. Been on the journey of the exploration of feminine power for a long time, and I still have miles to go. Wonderful to have traveling companions. 🙂

    A poem I wrote that was inspired by the same quote of Georgia O’Keefe:

    Prayer to the Desert Queen

    O Georgia,
    give me a dream of a desert bloom
    for I have forgotten what it means
    to awaken to the scent
    of moist air,
    wet soil,
    and a winter dawn.
    Don’t give me a dream of cactus and sage,
    bleached bones and windswept plateaus,
    my Georgia,
    for I have had enough of men
    and the rough touch of sand.

    O Georgia,
    give me a dream of an orchid,
    full and sweet as the harvest moon,
    and in the night
    I will sing the blossoms open
    in my garden,
    my spring.
    I will kiss my best friend,
    press her lips to mine,
    my Georgia,
    under the pregnant rain clouds
    and remember the winter dawn.

    – A. E. Snowe

  5. I love the thought that pleasure, our destiny, a full life as a woman is right under our noses… because it is. Sadly, we are too often distracted by the things that make us discontent and the imperfections we see in ourselves and others to truly discover the beauty that lies within. Beautiful post, Julie!

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