Alive & Awake: part one

Woman with a Crescent Moon (or) The Eclipse, by Paul Albert Besnard - 1888
Woman with a Crescent Moon (or) The Eclipse, by Paul Albert Besnard - 1888

She eclipses the moon. And in response, it’s as if the moon highlights the darkness of the feminine mystery that surrounds her.

The Moon. The Dream World. Mystery.

Last night, I slept within a vivid dream world. The overarching theme of the dreams was the simplicity of life when we live from the truth.

Simple, yes. Painless, no.

I dreamed of the body and it’s relationship to truth. In my dream, I became completely embodied. All the way home. Conscious throughout. The further down I went into the body, the clearer the truth was.

In my dream, when I arrived at the very bottom, so to speak, of my body, meaning I was conscious all the way down from the hairs on my head to the ends of my toes, and in every cell in-between, the truth was sparklingly clear and radiant.

If I attempted to do something that did not come from this truth that my body knows, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t act. My body stood steadfast, while my mind argued like a sullen child.

Then, even my chattering mind dropped away. I was only conscious through the body, but in every cell. All there was was truth. All action came from truth. I didn’t fight myself. I didn’t fight others. I just lived from the wisdom of the body.

In this place, full embodiment meant full truth. There was no choice but to live truth, to act from truth, to love from truth.

I could feel the peace that moved throughout the body as I moved in the world.

Coming down into the sacred flesh and bones that was home for me, I could no longer pretend I’m not powerful beyond any kind of human measure; I could no longer stay quiet in the face of the violence that others face every day; I could no longer choose false safety and security over right action. Choice and action were a fluid dance that flowed straight out of conscious awareness.

In the light of morning, I sat up in bed with a new understanding of the power of embodiment.


In part two of this three part series, I will move deeper into the body and the power it offers to us if we’re willing to come home to it. The body knows. The body remembers. The body could tell stories, all the stories of my life from before I was born up to this very moment.

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14 Replies to “Alive & Awake: part one”

  1. Your dreaming is speaking for all of us!
    Body Wisdom ~ our magnificent vehicles, which we often don’t listen to enough!
    Thank you once again for your nourishing words…

  2. Julie, thank you for this gorgeous post, complemented by the lovely image from the painting. the effect of your description of your body awareness and energy are positively electric, and even more powerful it is that you acknowledge it is painful at the same time. Thank you for sharing your insight and strength and power.

  3. Ohhh… yes, Julie. The first time I “heard talk like this” (I can hear my “Big Mama character voice speaking here) was when I read the memoir of Martha Graham. Ever since I have reminded people, “The body always stands in truth” (and moves in truth!). I was just sharing with another blogger that I haven’t returned to yoga since I had an enormous crying fest during a particular session. And I remembered how during a Zumba class, during cool down, my body just beamed with gratitude and the “I love to dance, I want to daaaaannnnncccceeeeee” was so clear.

    I also noticed last weekend how when I am free in my body, content in my sacred form, I am so contact oriented. I was hanging out at the theater and a (male) friend came behind us and “photo bombed” and instead of being upset that he did, I linked elbows with him and our heads bowed we walked around the place swapping secrets, wrapping our bodies in an invisible cocoon. It felt very feminine and I loved how he just went with it ~ in fact, completely engaged with me and “it.” For once I didn’t feel like “People gather round me because I am a ‘name’ in the community.” it felt like “I scoop up the people I love and connect with them wherever I am”… no self consciousness, just love and in-the-moment presence.

    (And no idea why I felt compelled to tell that story but because I felt compelled ~ there you have it!) Oodles of love, my friend… now, lets join at the elbows and stroll a bit… lol…

  4. jewels, this one just takes my breath away. to live guided by the wisdom of the body – i crave that. i know that the body is the litmus paper for truth – i know it – and yet far too often i shove it aside without ceremony. i want to be granted citizenship in that place you describe where there is no choosing to be done. it’s automatic, accepted, celebrated. doesn’t have to be defended or explained or questioned or justified, just cherished. yes, that’s exactly where i want to live. full time. free.

  5. Very impressive, & so sad to have lost your husband so young. I once told you that you were like a visionary, well you’ve just proved me right, bless you.



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