The Seed in Upheaval


Amidst the death, upheaval and chaos of destruction in Egypt, Tunisia and other places around the world, something new, something not yet seen or known, is coming into being.

Like a seedling pushing up through the ground, this new way is strong and resilient, not because of its size, for a seedling is tiny, but because of its strength, tenacity and resilience. These come from the very source of life that is midwifing a new way. The ever present energy of life is pushing forth and through.

Life encompasses the totality that we see held in the opposites, and everything in between along the continuum they create: the masculine and the feminine, death and birth, light and dark, hardness and softness, destruction and creation.

This morning, I came across this post by Filiz Telek, a woman who is passionate about “awakening the presence of sacred and possibility in human heart and spirit”. I love what she writes about and how she writes it. In her post, she shares this video, and the words she shares with it are quite beautiful. She holds this video with such tenderness and honor, in the same way she holds life and the sacred feminine. In Filizat’s words:

Listen to her, she’s saying “I am the meaning in the middle of chaos“
As the old system falls apart and chaos unfolds – and it is very likely that it will touch us and our loved ones too – we will need these heart songs, we will need to ground ourselves in her calling for wisdom and courage. I remember Neda, the young Iranian woman who was shot dead in front of our eyes as she was demanding freedom during Green Revolution in Iran. She was silenced, but now Amel is singing for her too and for all of us:
I am free and my word is free.
May our heart songs bring the freedom and unity consciousness that for so long, we have been waiting and longing for.

I, too, feel compelled to share the video here, because it is such an indication of what I wrote about yesterday, that being human is a vulnerable proposition. And,

This video spoke to me so poignantly of what is happening all over the world, and what is happening in my own being: something strong, and fierce and beautiful is pushing up through, trying to be born. It has to push up through so much of what has been in place for decades, so much of what has been created to keep things the same. Yet, the force is powerful and I know it is relentless, and that it will not be denied.

Upheaval is here, both within and without. I also share it too, because the woman singing, Amel Mathlouthi, is a symbol of the courageous soft power of the Feminine, standing in the middle of chaos, singing of new life.

Watch and listen and feel what is stirring within you, what new life is pushing through you to come to the surface and grow. It is so evident, that we are one. Like our brothers and sisters in these places, we, too, feel something stirring, something coming, something new. May it come with peace, may we begin to trust Life, that Life itself is change.

Thank you, Filizat, for sharing this with us.

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5 Replies to “The Seed in Upheaval”

  1. Dear Julie,
    thank you for sharing Amel’s song here!
    and can I say how honored I am that you quote me in your blog as it is a source of inspiration I often turn to…It’s a joy to see our words and powers to unite to create more light and newness in the world…
    in gratitude,

  2. Oh my heart is still singing the ONE song. Thank you for this post and your blog. I found you thru a link from Danielle LaPorte. Bless all the women who sing the one heart song, that crys for the BE-LOVED as Amel does in such a way that her voice is still moving thru my own heart, stirring, weeping, alive. I have been in Tunisia twice in my life, a magical place, on the main land and the ethereal island Djerba, La Douce, said to be the home of Homer’s lost island of the LOTUS EATERS. I had to go there. What did I find? It rests in my heart, the one heart. Thank you Julie, my heart SEES your heart and bows humbly to your energy, courage and your own voice. xoxoxo p.s. i followed you on twitter and retweeted this:))

  3. Thanks for posting Julie – and for refinding Filiz’s blog, who happened to be further down in my blog reader…
    the feminine is indeed about embodiment; no doubt!
    With love from Belgium,

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