Hot From Our Sacred Lips


As we are right in the middle of a who-knows-how-many-part series on Silence, Privilege and Oppression, I thought I would post an interlude, if you will. I think it has so much to do with the entire series. See what you feel.

I found this video, today, and heaven, did the tears come down. Tears of joy, tears of grief, tears for the sheer beauty of this woman’s words and her ability to say them with such ferocity and love.

Her name is Mayda del Valle.

This was taped at the White House Poetry Jam in 2009.


“Grandmother, how did you pray? Did you store your memories of the creator in strands of hair tucked into scented soap boxes or placentas buried under avocado trees?

“Grandmother, what secrets do your bones hold?”

“Abuela, how did you pray before someone told you who your god should be?”

This is one of the most amazing spoken word poetry experiences I have ever encountered. I’ve watched it at least five times now, and each time I grow ever more amazed.

I feel so much grief over what has been done to the earth, to animals, to children, to women, and to men, in the name of domination and control.

I feel so much grief for what we’ve lost, and yet, so much hope for what is being born, right now.

May we come together, as one people, One Source, in service to Life itself.

May we speak up and out with the pure and beautiful truth, fully aflame, dancing hot from our sacred lips.

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9 Replies to “Hot From Our Sacred Lips”

  1. Julie, thank you S O much for sharing that incredible force with us. Absolutely gorgeous. Fierce. Loved every word.

  2. Oh. Beautiful. I’ll watch it again tomorrow. “we be sound to beat to bass to bone to flesh/we are truly miraculous…”

    Need to remember this. Thank you for posting this. I so love spoken word poetry (love to perform poetry). I think, Julie dear, that this conversation is coming at THE best time for me, though I had no way of knowing this until yesterday. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. She captures the agony and ecstasy of this journey of recovery, which is feeling more and more collective by the moment.We each give permission to the next by giving birth to our unique artistry and medicine.

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