To Feast Upon and Delight In


I happened upon this, today.

This She that is a tree.

And so much more.




Robed in soft moss.

How sensual are these arms?

How free is She to spread herself among the ways of the sky

while rooted in earth.

To gaze upon Her is

to feast upon

and delight in




the Mystery of the Mother.

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9 Replies to “To Feast Upon and Delight In”

  1. Ahhhhhh. This takes me right to Clarissa Pinkola Estes and her descriptive work around woman as crone. She speaks of trees, again and again. So, so beautiful – her insights and your words. Thanks, Julie.

  2. Julie, what a lovely ode to such a strong yet soft earthy root goddess. The mighty tree (my name is derived from Hebrew for tree and I consider that a great gift!). Gorgeous photograph. Thank you.

    1. Elana,
      I love that…strong yet soft earthy root goddess. what a great gift your name is. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here.

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