Earth’s Embrace


Yesterday, as I do most days, I walked in the woods across the street from our house. But before I set out, I took a moment to capture some of the sights in our own yard. This one picture speaks to me in so many ways.

The heaviness of fruit is, many times, how I feel. My hips, my thighs, my belly all weighted down, pulling me close to the Earth’s embrace.

Just as these gorgeous fruity globes display, I, too, am imperfect. Blemishes here, spots there, a not-quite-symmetric fleshy shape enrobes me.

And while I can feel heavy and weighted, if I am willing to be vulnerable, I notice I am bathed in a light that is tender and fragrant. If I open to  the nourishment available to me in any moment, I can feel it enter my skin and bring sustenance to the cells that crave its touch.

All around me I am reminded of how the Earth provides. And, all around me I am reminded of how I take from her, almost always without any conscious gratitude of what she offers up without hesitation.

The Earth is alive. I hear her in the breeze. I feel her in the redwood trees outside my house. I taste her in every meal I eat. I know her as I know my own body – sometimes acutely aware, sometimes completely unconscious.

I hope to come to know her body through mine, to give back to her in some way for all she continually offers up to me, to my children and their children, and to all the world’s children.

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7 Replies to “Earth’s Embrace”

  1. Wow Julie! I could actually smell the fruit, feel the weight of it in my hands, the texture of its skin…We are alive. The earth continues to give unrelenting, breathing life into every pore. Thank you for writing so beautifully about what a gift of a planet we are blessed with.

  2. Thank you, Elana. Yes, we are alive and so lucky to be so.
    I love that you could smell and feel the fruit so well. Makes me smile.

  3. This is so lovely Julie. The Earth comes even more alive when we truly see and feel Her. Aren’t we all like Her in that way.. thanks for your words blooming with love dear.

  4. Thank you for this focus on Earth Day which often remains in the realm of concepts. On my last walk I was coached by a tree on how to connect more fully with nature. This particular tree guided me in softening my gaze, and not getting caught in the form of her body, so I could feel her presence which extended beyond her physicality, just as our spirits do. A wonderful reminder.

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