In This Unshaped Place


i’ve come home
a new home, an old home
home where body lives
body where soul lives

i’ve moved into a new life
a life that has beckoned for years
a life that has yet to be shaped and hardened
with my need to feel in control

life has its own course
and I meet it willingly,
with an open heart,
or not, because that happens, too

right now, in this unshaped place,
i know that I don’t know
and I know that shapes and lines and the falling away of newness
can create the illusion of knowing

get settled
feel your self in this new place
of solitude and coming
know yourself anew

you will know when you know
until then, just breathe
and go about your day
meeting life as it comes

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23 Replies to “In This Unshaped Place”

  1. I love the vulnerability and openness in this poem – and am falling into the healing balm it offers me (“it’s not just you” kind of feeling). Thank you for sharing this, Julie

  2. Checked my stars today and came away with this: “enjoy the phenomenal freedom that comes along with surrendering control” ( Not sure if you’re a Gemini but thought I’d share!

  3. Oh, so beautiful, Julie. Breathing in your words, and the sense of the unshaped space that your words have created in my heart. Thank you thank you.

  4. Ahh, the Beautiful surrender. 🙂 Thank you for your Wonderful wisdom. May the new unfold with ease and grace to reveal bountiful Blessings, Dear Julie.

  5. Thank you, Julie, what a gift. Marvelous, simple, tender, wise poem. I need this, going through transitions and uncertainty today, needing to set aside regret for the past and anxiety about the future.

  6. Julie, you have articulated perfectly how I feel about my new life… this wondrous ‘unshaped place.’ Though I am happy now, I sometimes feel the old need to control. On such days, when I’m tired, fear beckons and anxiety about the future starts to take hold. Then I remember to breathe and take one day at a time, the way my mom always told me to. Your words affirm that this is the best way forward! Thank you.

  7. this poem is a snapshot of where i am right now. “a life that has yet to be shaped and hardened with my need to feel in control” there is such power in these words! thank you for collecting and sharing these words in just the perfectly right order!

  8. “you will know when you know
    until then, just breathe
    and go about your day
    meeting life as it comes”

    If I could travel back in time and pound but one though into my head this would be it. For me this idea was decades in the making but worth it in the end. Just breathe. Meet life as it comes. Poetry isn’t my thing, but this entire piece speaks to me; love it.

  9. Julie, this is so beautiful, wise, grounded and rooted..thank you for sharing the real-ness of your journey in such a poetic and inspiring way. much love, Shannon

  10. There’s so much that resonates with me here, so much that sparkles like diamonds. You know I like the part about you’ll know when you know and getting settled and just breathing. But what really warms my heart’s cockles is the notion of unshaped. Early in our lives, we learn letters and colors and shapes. When we can identify squares and triangles and circles, it is said we know. We are smart. But eventually, if we’re “lucky”, we get to a point where we realize that knowing involves unshaped places, awareness, openness, and not knowing.

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