Tendermost Places

rose in a lilac glow

The Tendermost Places

You are here.

A one-way conversation
Until I choose to let go
Into the rhythm
Of your pulse.

Much fear has been tossed around
About the inherent weakness of
The tendermost layers
Of your expression.

Yet, I find these places
To be filled with the
Sweetest longings
I can know.

Tendermost places
Lend themselves
To melting into,
To letting go,
To receiving and giving,
To going home.

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3 Replies to “Tendermost Places”

  1. Love the image of letting go into a two way conversation. There is softness and magic in these words.

  2. Thank you for celebrating on our tendermost place and for giving me the courage to embrace mine. Your words help me recognize that the tendermost place is safer than my “safe” escape-to places. Rhythm, sweet longings, melting into, giving and receiving, going home. Beautiful poem, Julie.

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