Open to Love

The Wish Tree.

Somewhere in Noe Valley,

a little neighborly part of San Francisco,

is this wish tree.

All decorated up,

it’s covered with tags filled with people’s wishes.

I came across it this morning and had to stop to read:

“Wishing for your inner light to shine bright.”

“I wish for my teenage daughter and I to get along better.”

“I wish for justice and peace for economic equality.”

“Peace within and in the world.”

“That I have a healthy baby and that this is a healthy and happy pregnancy!”

“I wish to just feel myself again – centered, happy and whole.”

All beautiful wishes.

And then this,

I wish...

This is my wish, too.


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11 Replies to “Open to Love”

  1. Many of my fondest memories are of Noe Valley and my baby girl was born while we lived there. Having recently visited this post makes me wish I could go back to that time – just for a visit. Thank you Julie for the opportunity. xo

  2. so beautiful, julie. i wish for thousands of things, daily. right now, i wish to use my body as an instrument for expression. and to invite others to join. … and i wish to be at peace with the wars in the world–micro & macro–while simultaneously, working for peace.

    i love you.

  3. I want to make a wish tree. I live in Florida where it rains a lot. How could I keep wishes from being washed away?

    Love this post. I will be back!

  4. I really really love these secrets. I will definitely be checking them out more frequently. These kind of reminds me of a blog one of my friends started, where women share their stories anonymously through words and/or pictures. So a bit longer than this but is still a form of expression.

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