Silence Thickens


I sit in silence, open, waiting, still

I whisper, Yes.


Love comes.

Love reveals itself,

Offers itself, over and over.

Waves of love

Crashing onto the shoreline of my heart.


The world is not as I think it is.

This ocean of love,

infinitely vast and deep

calls me to its shoreline

and asks me to enter in.


I don’t know what to do with this much love,

Except be still and receive.

Tears fall.

Body fills.

Silence thickens and stills.


I tremble as love finds its way into me.

It makes its way along the edges I’ve used to define myself,

And in its wake the edges fray and soften.

Lines blur.

Definition grows watery.


All dissolves.


Image by Rudy A on Flickr Some rights reserved

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9 Replies to “Silence Thickens”

  1. Blissful…………… love is………………… everything.

    I become more and more convinced of this with each passing day.

    Love to you, Julie ~


  2. Sitting here
    Receiving love
    Answering a call from within
    Saying yes
    Over and over
    Breathing from my belly
    Relief and joy
    All at once
    Heals my tired body
    Now awake
    And full of life
    Abundance is all around

    It always was
    It always is
    And always will be, too

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