A Sacred Duty


“There is a relentless search for the factual and this quest often lacks warmth or reverence.
At a certain stage in our life we may wake up to the urgency of life, how short it is.
Then the quest for truth becomes the ultimate project.
We can often forage for years in the empty fields of self-analysis and self-improvement
and sacrifice much of our real substance for specks of cold, lonesome factual truth.

The wisdom of the tradition reminds us that if we choose to journey on the
path of truth, it then becomes a sacred duty to walk hand in hand with beauty.” 

~ John O’Donohue

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6 Replies to “A Sacred Duty”

  1. This speaks deeply to me, Julie. I’m reminded of another wise man’s words which have served as my mantra: Rumi’s “let the beauty that we love be what we do.” I’ll carry both with me, as I ready myself to say farewell at the end of June to a lengthy career, and move into the space of “what next?” Thanks for the mining and sharing.

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