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Women Remembering

I created Unabashedly Female because I could see the need for women to remember their true nature. I could see that women are different from men, yet we’ve been trained to be like men and even to distrust our female nature. And I could see that the remembering of what we are is absolutely crucial in these times.

As I began to deepen my own spiritual work, I met Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, listened to what he was sharing, and read some of his many books. I began to understand, and then experience, the sacredness of my own female body.

This talk, Honoring the Sacred Substance in Creation by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, is a fundamentally important talk for women and the whole of creation. What he shares is a vital key to restoring women’s understanding of the offering we can, and must, live for the sacred light in creation to be strengthened and sustained.

From the video:

“What the Patriarchy has done so effectively – the level of disempowerment has been so fundamental because they have actually stopped women from being even aware they have this sacred substance in their own bodies. So, because they are not even aware of it, they can’t use it. A certain feminine magic has been denied life. The depth of the censorship, once you look at it, is so fundamental to be terrifying.”

If you were treated just an object, something in you would start to die. Many women complain now about being treated just like an object, but they don’t take the next step, which is to reclaim the light in them that belongs to the sacred and honor it in creation.”

One of the reasons so many of us women are questioning who we are is because we are needed right now. As Vaughan-Lee goes on to say, “Women carry the seeds of healing and rebirth.”

Please watch and listen, not from your head or rational mind, but listen with your whole self, heart, body and soul.


About Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

He is a Sufi Spiritual Teacher. From my understanding, Sufism existed before the other religions. It is a path…a path of loveVaughan-Lee was recently interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, and shared these words about Sufism:

“Sufism is a path of love. The Sufi is a traveler on the path of love, a wayfarer journeying back to God through the mysteries of the heart. For the Sufi the relationship to God is that of lover and Beloved, and Sufis are also known as lovers of God. The journey to God takes place within the heart, and for centuries Sufis have been traveling deep within themselves, into the secret chamber of the heart where lover and Beloved share the ecstasy of union.”

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4 Replies to “Women’s Sacred Seeds”

  1. I would love to watch this; if only the bandwidth on this mountain would allow it. I need to make myself a list of things to watch when I’m at Starbucks, haha.

    Anyways, thanks for always the good content.

    1. Katana, Thank you for visiting and commenting! It will be well worth the wait, whenever you find the bandwidth.
      So glad you’re here.
      With love, Julie

  2. Dear Julie,
    It is really wonderful that you post this on your web site. Thank you for articulating and sharing it with other. It touches me each when I read it because it is true and so needed.
    with love

    1. Dear Anat,

      I’m happy to see you here on my site. It’s an honor to host this here. It is so needed and so important. Llewellyn’s words, and yours, have stayed with, and continue to move within, me. As we share through the light that is the Internet, we all find that which wakes us up to the Beloved within.

      By the way, I open Cecil Collin’s book often and read the wisdom in the pages. Thank you.

      With love,


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