A Well So Deep


A well so deep.

I’m finally beginning to see that this emptiness,
can never be filled.

Not long term,
that is.

Oh, for a moment, yes.

A moment when the sun comes through the petals and illuminates them as though
they were filled with silent kisses from the stars.

Or, a moment when a warm, sweet breeze ever so gently blows across my face and I am lifted up
just a mere breath above the ground, captivated by the softness of divine breath against flesh.

Or, a moment when I’m dancing with another and our hands come to meet,
just so,
skin to skin,
in a way that could never be planned or calculated or anticipated.

This longing hungers for the emptiness and the emptiness feeds the longing,
and somewhere
between the two I dance.


inspired by this beauty by Irwin Keller of Itzik’s Well

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2 Replies to “A Well So Deep”

  1. Julie, how beautiful. I feel honored that something I wrote planted a seed for something of this beauty. (And oh, to be able to express in 100 words instead of 2000…!)

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