One-on-One Coaching

In one-on-one coaching, we work together in powerful relationship to support deep transformation.

Through the power of this relationship and your willingness to dive deep, you’ll awaken and stimulate many capacities within yourself. Working from the heart, you’ll access power from within that often lies dormant if you’re not fully aware of the  wholeness and true power of your being. You’ll discover the innate qualities you’ve carried within you all along such as strength, joy, compassion, intuition, and this personal – a power that is generative and life-affirming.

You will leave with practical tools, skills, and practices to support you as you integrate the changes into your everyday life. And you will gain a deeper trust in yourself and your nature, and intimacy with Life.

orangeranuncOur work together will liberate and transmute old patterns that may have kept you, your work-life and your relationships from flourishing. You will uncover the already present qualities within yourself needed to bring forth a more joyful, fulfilling, and meaningful life. It’s living from the inside out.

In our work together, I use a powerful combination of coaching acumen, embodiment practices, parts work, and spiritual understanding, along with feminine wisdom and creativity/innovation expertise to bring forth the truly deep transformation possible through one-on-one work. I’m your guide and ally through this process and am deeply committed to you coming home to yourself. Together, we work to transform your inner world and your outer life so they come into alignment. This is where true joy comes from: knowing who you truly are and living this in the world.

This coaching package is a deep immersion into your life and longings, and will lead to significant shifts and changes both in your internal attitudes and outlook, as well as your outer life circumstances. On completion of the six-month journey, you can extend for another six months with my follow-on package or purchase a package of sessions to be used at your convenience.


Your Personal Journey: a Six-Month Coaching Package

Over our time working together, you will:

  • Excavate and clarify the vision that is calling you forth, both personally and professionally
  • Identify your values so you can use them to guide your decisions in life
  • Heal and transform old patterns that have kept you, your work-life and your relationships from flourishing
  • Rewrite old, disempowering stories of doubt and disbeliefwisteria
  • Learn to trust the wisdom in your body by reconnecting mind and body, soul and heart, and acting on this wisdom with powerful, clear decisions and effective choices
  • Develop an intimate relationship with yourself and your nature, which allows for the same with others
  • Access the parts of yourself that you once thought were not acceptable in order to both liberate their gifts and recognize your innate wholeness
  • Deepen your capacity to trust life and whatever it brings your way
  • Learn to identify and harness support, love and connection wherever you are
  • Create a life that is true to who you are, bringing forth your natural, innate soul capacities, which brings forth more joy, ease, and love into your everyday life
  • Gain a practical and applicable set of practices, skills and tools to support you as you bring forth those things in your life you know are missing

The sixth-month package includes:

  • One two-hour Foundation and Session
  • burgundyswirl2 x 50 minute one-to-one phone, Skype, or Google hangout sessions a month (for six months)
  • A One-Hour Completion, Review and Future Planning Session
  • A detailed Self Discovery Pack and Questionnaire at the start and completion of the program
  • Extensive email support if you choose to utilize it
  • Tools, practices, skills and structures to support you on-going throughout the year and beyond
  • Homework and accountability in the way that best works for you
  • Downloadable guided meditations and exercises, worksheets, book recommendations, and visioning tools to support your journey during and after our time together.


I’d love to talk with you to see if coaching with me feels right. 

Please get in touch at { julie at unabashedlyfemale . com }




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