The Whole Woman

The Whole Woman: Be a Woman Unto Yourself

Coming soon as an online course in September…

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We must be our own before we can be another’s. ~ Emerson

Trust in your longing to be free unto yourself. It’s your doorway in.


Somewhere you know you’re not living as you, the real you. Do you want to know you? The real you?

The Art of Being Unabashedly Female is a curriculum that has been adapted specifically for women from the acclaimed Stanford University Graduate School of Business course, Creativity in Business. It is designed for women of all professions. There is only one criterion: you must be a woman longing to know and trust the truth of who you are. When you turn to the longing, the way will be revealed.

We’ll dive into discovering you, the real you. I’ll offer experiences and practices to deepen your discovery. You’ll come away with a new realization of what it means to be you in this female body, an understanding of your own creative process, and a deeper trust in your wise, intuitive and sensual nature, all born from your own experiences, insights and wisdom.

When you put down the ‘project’ and stop trying, something happens. When you turn inward to discover who you are, space opens within you, space to rediscover, remember and reclaim the sacredness of your nature that lives and breathes in a female body.

While you may believe creativity is about art and that only some are creative, what I know and teach is that creativity is available to everyone all the time and that it is our doorway to discovering who we really are.

When you know you are creative, you discover an internal willingness to look into the mystery within you.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you.

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