Leaping Into the Feminine


Leap Day happens every four years.

The purpose behind it? To balance the calendar.


And, according to an Irish Legend, St. Brigid negotiated with St. Patrick to allow women to propose to men every 4 years on Leap Day. Some believe this may have been a way to bring into ‘balance’ the traditional roles of men and women.Ha. One day every four years?Balance? 

Thank goodness we’ve come a long way since the days of negotiating one day every four years.

The feminine is indeed rising and women are leaping into a whole new conscious awareness.


What does it mean to be unabashedly you, to share yourself with the world without apology? 

A Leap Day call to discover

Join me on an hour-long call on Leap Day to discover how we can leap into the experience of being Unabashedly Female. 

We’ll also take a moment to celebrate the release of my eBook, The Best of Unabashedly Female with a special gift I have for you. And, I’ll be giving away a copy of the book on the call.

We’ll chat about:

  • discovering what is true about our experiences as women
  • the rising feminine
  • sharing our voices
  • the value of being seen
  • and…I’ll be giving away a copy of my eBook. 
The call will be recorded, too, so if you can’t make it you can still join in on the fun.
For call details and to register, click on the invitation.

The eBook will be available for sale after the call is done. In the feedback I’ve received, many have found the eBook to be something that helps them sit back and consider what it means to be a woman and to be a sacred being.
I hope you’ll join me for the call!
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5 Replies to “Leaping Into the Feminine”

  1. Hi Julie,
    I listened to your wonderful Leap Day call last night, and I wanted to share the beautiful spontaneous loving experience I had. Just shortly before starting the call, I had put warm grapeseed oil, on my hair. I’ve been using pure grapeseed oil as a body moisturizer, after the shower. It’s quite lovely. As I was listening to the call, I was massaging the oil into my hair and scalp, which then turned into massaging my neck, and my face. It felt so wonderful, that before long, I retreived the bottle of grapeseed oil, and was massaging oil onto all of my body. It was such a beautiful experience. Sitting here, in the candlelight, listening to your beautiful voice, and feeling energetically connected to all women, and loving my own body, so tenderly and compassionately. What a beautiful gift.

    Something has been shifting in me lately. For a long long time, I have felt that it is unsafe to be female…to be a woman. And so I have been hiding my femininity…my beauty. I had become hard, because it felt like the only way to survive. But lately, after much hard work and soul-searching, I have been feeling a softening happening, along with the wisdom that I now know how to keep myself safe. I have been allowing my femininity to re-surface, and it is such a glorious feeling.

    The loving self massage was yet, another turning point, in me accepting myself, and my feminine nature. And a powerful message revealed itself to me. I have been craving physical touch lately. Not just any physical touch, but the wondrous touch of another who adores me, and sees my inherent beauty. It has been a long time, since I felt the tender touch of a lover’s hand on my skin, and I’m quite certain that I’ve never felt it, in the way that I deserve to. This need has been an ever-present companion, in my thoughts, and yet, it felt like there was still a wall between me and receiving this loving touch. There was. It was me. I was not treating myself, and my body, in a way that expressed love and tenderness…and yet, I wanted another to do just that. I was expecting someone else to do what I wasn’t willing to do….to love myself, love my body, love all of me, just as I am. To adore and nurture, treasure and cherish me.

    What a beautiful gift you have given me Julie. Thank you for all that you do, that helps woman to re-claim their femininity, as we all move into a more balanced time, in our world. You are a truly amazing and wonderful woman. I appreciate being able to share this experience with you, and your readers. Perhaps my words, and experience will resonate with other woman. Blessings to you.

    1. Dear Robbin,

      Thank you. Thank you for your offering here. When I first read your words, tears flowed. What a beautiful loving experience to have with yourself. To treat yourself with such kindness, such reverence, is beautiful. To share it with all of us is generous, vulnerable and loving. It’s a beautiful example of what I was sharing on the call, to allow others to see you, and to shine a light on the feminine in you so we can all have another window into She that is emerging.

      To be completely transparent here, last night and this morning I was moving through some very deep grief around a core fear of opening my heart again to love, to receiving tender, tender touch from another. I was torn open, again, from feeling the depth of pain being closed off to love has engendered. I went for a walk in the sunshine. During my walk I read your words. Talk about synchronicity. As we share what is in our hearts with each other, we all heal. We are not islands. We are one ocean.

      May we all move into a more balanced time, both inside and out, as you so wisely write.

      With love,


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