No Longer Silent

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ~Martin Luther King Jr.
I heard this quote used on a TV show tonight and hearing it stirred me to write. I think this is an extraordinary quote, but then it is from an extraordinary man.
The word silence has many definitions. One, is the absence of sound or stillness…one way we speak of the sea of the unmanifest potential of the Universe. But, silence, when it is how we keep ourselves from speaking our wisdom, is one of the most insidious ways in which the status quo stays in control.
When I read King’s quote, I can feel the truth in it. Becoming silent shows up in many ways. Becoming silent can happen when a sense of the ‘enormity of it all’ overtakes the inner impulse to express oneself in the world, or when a desired outcome is attached to the impulse to express. The struggle within to want to control what happens in the face of our own expression can silence the expression itself.
What matters to me is the awakening of the sacred feminine in all women, the divinity within each woman that can bring forth life into this world, whether it is a beautiful new human being or another form of expression of this sacred feminine. This matters to me. This is the basis of this blog and all the work I do.
I revel in my client’s awakening to the ripeness that awaits them when they ‘get’ that they are divine and that their bodies are a manifestation of the sacred feminine. I also see that this awakening in women spreads through all beings. The men they love, the children they hold and the life they nurture all heals when women begin to heal the divisions held within. Coming to wholeness spreads knowing and healing to all they touch.
What matters to you? What would it take for you to no longer be silent? How are you expressing that inner impulse now in your life?
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One Reply to “No Longer Silent”

  1. Hi Julie,
    Your more recent post on silence showed up on my Twitter feed, which brought me to your your blog, your writing, and your first post about silence. I’m struck my the MLK quote you used here. It so embodies the experience I and many other women have faced. You can read more perspectives as part of an online book club exploring the silent associated with infertility:
    Thank you for encouraging sharing of stories and for helping women to break the silence on a range of topics…
    Best, Pamela

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