A Mother’s Love


Greetings to all,

I haven’t been posting for a bit. My time for writing these days has been limited. Instead, I have been spending most of my moments with my mother who is near the end of her two-year journey with cancer.

Joan, my mother, is an incredible woman. She is strong, courageous, and vital. She is independent and fiercely stubborn. All of these qualities have kept her alive much longer than we anticipated.

As these past months have gone by, I have been graciously given the chance to see the radiance in her shine forth from a deep place within. She is radiant with love and when she smiles at me I can feel the power of her love and the gentle, yet powerful presence of her true identity. She is my mother, yet she is also love itself.

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4 Replies to “A Mother’s Love”

  1. Julie,

    You are very much in my thoughts as you accompany your mother on the end of her journey. She sounds like a remarkable woman and despite her frailty she continues to give to you as a mother. What a tremendous gift for you both. I wish you much love and courage, Barbara

  2. Barbara,
    Thank you for your beautiful, loving comment.
    Mom died early this morning. I miss her already.
    Thank you for the love and courage. My mother showed remarkable courage, something I will always remember.

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