That Which Is Yearning To Be Born


Each day of December, I am being moved to post by Gwen Bell’s Best of 2009 Blog Challenge:
Today is Day
31 Resolution.

To start with, I don’t make resolutions. I know that creativity can only emerge when we let go of expectations and welcome the mystery to unfold. That takes surrender – a surrender to the mystery that we are, that life is, that awaits in the next breath. So, from this place, let me enter into my intention for the next breath, and the next, and so on…

In contemplating my final post for this best of 2009 challenge, I’ve been reflecting on not only my year, but also on my experience as a participant of this challenge. One encapsulates the other. During these past 30 days of December, I reflected on this year of ’09 and posted 30 reflections. Some posts captivated me more than others. Some posts connected me with new friends more than others. Some have worked on me more than others.

So for this final post, I am bringing all of this together in some way, without knowing how it will end. One thing I have discovered through this process of daily blogging, is that, if I am present and pay attention to what wants to be said, it eventually comes around full circle in a way I never expected.

There were tugs and pulls along the way of this year, and this challenge. I have discovered that when I open the channel and trust, what tugs and pulls is what wants to be born. When I keep the channel open, it propels itself forth into being.

I’ve been blown away by the community that’s been created through this blog challenge. I think, perhaps, we are hungry for connection, hungry for community, and hungry for the kind of dynamic creativity that comes from sharing our innermost thoughts with others we are drawn to.

Toward the end of these 30 days- day 29 to be exact – I noticed a thread running through many of the posts I read…a thread that pulled together our hungers. As I twittered to Karen Caterson (@SquarePegKaren), “Something is being born right here between all of us, and it is raw and beautiful.”

I know, deep in my heart and belly, that women share a profound love for each other. Sometimes this love is covered over by strong conditioning that has taught us to be jealous of each other, or to not trust each other, or to even be intimidated by each other. But, underneath all these fears, lies a deep-seated love that is unique to women. I see this love all the time in how the women in my life are there for me in a second if I call. I see this love in how my daughters care for each other, and how they would do anything for me. This same love has begun to shine through our best of 2009 posts, our comments, and in our intention to connect and share consciously and copiously, woman to woman.

To own my power, to put it into action in the world, means stepping into new territory. The power of the feminine primal matrix is demanding to be embodied by women. Something else is dying so this sacred life principle can be born anew, for the benefit of all beings.

In my work, I’ve made a distinction between the feminine and being female. I think it’s a critical distinction.

All of life has both masculine and feminine energies. For so many centuries, the masculine has been perverted then let loose to run rampant, creating actions that have slowly sucked the life-force out of all living beings. This rampant energy of greed and abusive power has dominated men, women, children, animals and the planet. Having been out of balance for far too long, we are experiencing a crumbling away of the old while the birth of the new is imminent. The old is dying as the new is being born.

I see it is critical for women to open to, and act from, the power that comes from fully surrendering to what we are: women. This is not power that is abusive, such as we have known in our lifetimes. Rather, this power comes from surrendering to one’s life force. Each of us, each living being is powerful beyond measure, when we no longer deny what is real and true within. The power that we are becomes unfettered and free when the ego turns to be of service to the soul rather than obstructing it.

As I wrote in my post, The Challenge is Now:

So, the message is coming through loud and clear. This is the challenge, and it is here, now.

The Dalai Lama recently surprised listeners when he said, “The world will be saved by western women.”

Two great quotes have been swirling in my head for some time, now.

You must learn not to be careful. Diane Arbus

You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you! Isadora Duncan

These words take me back inside, where my feelings and instincts as a woman reside. My fierce love was tamed, made dormant and silent. But we were once wild here, and we are still wild within.

What will it take to stand and speak, to grow fierce and vocal?

In my post of yesterday, December 30th, Women, Power and Sex, Jeanne Hewell Chambers (@WhollyJeanne) commented most eloquently. I’d love to share what she wrote here, as it sums up so beautifully what my work in the world is, and what I know other women are feeling called to act upon:

“…yes, let’s have this conversation . . . and let’s keep having it until we’ve changed the world. let’s start with ourselves [women]: let’s honor and respect and cherish and adore the sacred and mysterious creativeness that is us. let’s do it for ourselves, let’s do it for others, and let’s keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it until we have trained ourselves and others how to see. let’s keep doing it until we reach that special tipping point where it is the accepted way of being in this world – the only way of being with ourselves and with others.” ~ Jeanne

May we, as women, step into our power and stand to speak our truth, so that one day we can stand alongside men in true equality, with reverence and respect for each other and for all of life. May we all be of service to that which is yearning to be born into being: the sacred feminine and a true and lasting peace that embraces the whole world.

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4 Replies to “That Which Is Yearning To Be Born”

  1. here’s to “the old dying and the new being born.” and here’s to using our “sacred and mysterious femininity” to do that. beautiful, julie. this post is nothing short of beautiful.

  2. I, too, am blown away by the community that has been created but I am not surprised either. 2009 delivered so many magical synchronicities. This is more magic happening. I think 2010 is going to be a pivotal year and very much a year of creativity. I really look forward to continuing to be part of this community with you all.

  3. I am so grateful to be one of the women who’s now connected with you, Julie. What a beautiful summation of intention for what is to come! Without community, I’m just one. I like me and all, and I’d much prefer to share and grow with amazing women like you and Jeanne and the rest of this beautiful and growing community!!

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