Listen Up Well

Roots by Patti Agapi

Roots, by Patti Agapi


The female human being is being born anew. She is coming into existence and we are midwifing her birth. Our ways of wisdom and powers of mystery were hidden well. They’ve been buried treasure for centuries. Now, it is time to listen, to remember, to recognize, to join together the vast humanity of woman. It is time to listen to the sacred sound that is uttered when we remember as the One that we are.

Rilke spoke of this new female human being. He spoke of the humanity of woman in letter seven of Letters To A Young Poet.

“This humanity of woman, carried in her womb through all her suffering and humiliation, will come to light when she has stripped off the conventions of mere femaleness in the transformations of her outward status, and those men who do not yet feel it approaching will be astonished by it.”


I love to bring the brilliant work of many women together, in one place, to be savored, allowing the flavors to enhance each other, the poignancy to fill our hearts and wake us up.

I discovered the beautiful work of art above on Twitter. The artist is Patti Agapi. When I saw Patti’s drawing, I cried. I know this feeling, well, the feeling that Roots inspires. Head down on the warm Earth. So much a part of her that there is no distinction between where I end and where she begins. Held by her. Listening to her. Knowing there is no difference between the divinity in her and the divinity in me.

When I listen to her, I hear her anguish. And I feel her love. I feel myself as part of the Big Mother, and the home she offers up in every moment.


My last post, Life is Erotic, was met with so many lovely, rich comments. Your comments meant so much to me as that post came from such a tender place within me. One comment in particular, by Holly Friesen, spoke to this connection between the earth’s body and our bodies:

“The more deeply I feel the earth’s body, the more I realize my own body’s deep connection to her…we are one and the same being, both pulsing with a rhythmic life force that is flooded with eros. It is only when we strip away all this beautiful entangled life force that we are left with a trivial, vulgar view of eros. Eros in her full beauty is entwined throughout ALL of life; the flowers, the buds, the rivers, the rocks and our own bodies. It is only when the deep rift between sexuality and spirituality can be reunited that we will be fully whole. We feel this beautiful flow of life force most fully in the spring when the cyclical awakening and birthing is in full force!! Ah, what the spring does for the cherry trees is a joy and a miracle to behold!”

We are one and the same with the earth. The same divinity that looks out your eyes flows through her rivers. The same divinity that hears the birdsong in the early morning light flaps its wings to ride the waves of the wind. The same divinity that longs to remember its own wholeness opens its petals to receive sunshine, rain and the bee’s love.


The following, by Zsuzsanna Budapest, is from her book, The Holy book of Woman’s Mysteries.

This is God, children, listen up well.

The beautiful blue planet, our mother, our sister.

She moves with 200 miles per second, yet imperceptible; she moves with the quiet of the lakes and the
rushing of her rivers, the vast expanse of her oceans, the echoes of her mountains.

This is God, children… listen up well.

Lift your eyes to the heavens, and you behold her sisters, the stars, and her cousins the suns and nebulas, and fill your senses with her infinite beauty.

This is God, children… and she has made no other heaven but the heavens where you already reside, and she has made no hell except the one you insist to create for yourself.

Here is paradise. Here is destiny. Here is infinite grace. This is God.

When you seek her she is beneath your feet.

When you seek her, she is food in your mouth.

When you seek her she is love in your heart, pleasure in your body.

You share her heartbeat.


Earth Day is upon us in a few days. But rather than seeing earth as something we celebrate once a year, perhaps we might open to what she offers to us in each and every moment, meet her with reverence, listen to what she is saying.

Her wounds are our wounds. Her delights are our delights. Her ability to regenerate is our ability to regenerate. How we feel about our bodies and what we say to them, she ingests. How we treat her, we ingest.

I have spent a lifetime saying very mean things to this body, my body that provides me with life. I have spent a lifetime worrying about how I look, with occasional silent wishes to slice some flesh off here and there, hoping to achieve some ideal that I can’t achieve. I am no different than any other human being, I suppose…at least any other woman that grows up in this culture of female objectification. And I know men don’t escape the pain of this either.

Objectification of any sort just keeps us believing in the dream of separation, the dream that is at the heart of the pain we all experience. And what is waiting for us when we awaken out of the dream of separation?

Here is paradise. Here is destiny. Here is infinite grace. This is God.


You can see more of Patti Agapi’s work at here.

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5 Replies to “Listen Up Well”

  1. “Knowing there is no difference between the divinity in her and the divinity in me.”

    So beautiful, Julie. The more opportunity I have to spend time (virtual or in person) with other women the more I see this, experience it, and am totally transformed by its power, its force, its impossible-to-resist beauty.

    You are one who has invited me to that in staggeringly gorgeous ways. This post is no exception. Yes, it’s our divinity that unites us – that we recognize in one another – that we fuel and feed; a flame we fan into fire – life – hope – strength – passion. So, so good.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you SO much for introducing me to Patti’s work – utterly gorgeous!

    And your words, oh your words… I have no words. Only thanks.


  3. Ronna,
    It is impossible to resist, isn’t it! Thank you for your kind words. I relish our friendship.
    Love, Julie

    Patti’s work is stunning. I’m so glad you enjoyed this piece. Thank you as always, emma, for your love and support.
    xo, Julie

  4. as always, your post evokes so much . . . the artwork: yes. it took my breath away when your page first opened. reminded me of a piece by a fellow who was selling his work in burlington, vt. there was this one piece that reached out and captured me as i walked past it. i stopped and looked at it, completely mesmierized. captivated. at one with that artwork. the artist was nowhere to be found, so i eventually disentangled and went on, checking back periodically, but never finding anyone there to sell me the piece. now, years later, i can’t remember the details of the image – just that it was woman melding into tree into sky into roots and dirt and grass and flowers and bark and clouds. this drawing brings up the same feeling, the same resonance in me.


    as to the connectiton between the earth’s body and our bodies . . . i am feeling that today. with pollen coating everything – even the air is yellow here – i note how rapidly the trees leaf out. there is so much growth going on, and my energy seems to wane in proportion. much energy is being expended in growth, perhaps i am donating/contributing mine. the earth bustles with growth and bloom; i struggle to peel my head off the pillow. does that even make sense?


    as for my body issues borne, in large part, by impressions made by various societies/cultures . . . when will i stop that? will my head ever cut my body some slack? will i ever, ever, ever be able to simply accept my body lovingly and gratefully without snarky comments and comparisons?


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