deep in the darkness of the womb of my body

lies the seed from which all was born.

i feel this seed.

it’s always there.


yet always giving birth to new life.

light in dark.

life from death.

eternity in this moment.

everything in nothing.

when i lose grounding,

when i forget,

when the chaos is more than i feel i can handle,

i simply come back to this seed, and

from here

i am born anew.

(c) Julie M Daley

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3 Replies to “Seed”

  1. don’t know which is more exquisite – the art or your words. recently resolved to hold onto that seed – the one that grounds me, my kernel of peace in the midst of unimaginable chaos – i wonder: can you clutch too tightly?

  2. Jeanne – for me, the seed is there, regardless. it just is. and i know it more, when i completely let go, and realize it is that which is unchanging.

    Connie – thank you.

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