Thank You


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4 Replies to “Thank You”

  1. Dear Julie,

    Thank you for this beautiful video. I feel your gratittude and it is touching and ‘contaminating’….. You look very soft and inviting!

    So…. Thank YOU!

    Your friend, Olivia

  2. And now I know why I couldn’t, didn’t title my last post “THANK YOU.” What a lovely bit of synchronicity, Julie, only emphasizing further what you said abotu connections.
    You are most welcome, always

  3. oh, julie, another beautiful video – for that and so much more, i thank YOU. how have you have enriched my life? i can scarce count the ways. you give words to things i’ve felt for so, so long. your example inspires me. your friendship fortifies me, encourages me, moves me into the woman i have long wanted to be.

  4. Thank you, Jeanne. We are mirrors to each other of what lies deep inside these sacred feminine bodies, as are all women to each other when we open our hearts to really listen to the other, knowing we are one and the same.
    Love to you.

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