Trees Speak

sun spot with light rays, let it shine

I believe in the erotic and
I believe in it as an enlightening force within our lives as women.
I have become clearer about the distinctions between the erotic
and other apparently similar forces.
We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal.
I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force,
a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way.
And when I say living I mean it as that force which
moves us toward what will accomplish real positive change.
~Audre Lorde


In these days of change, where destruction is so present and many wonder what is next, discovering the enlightening force Lorde speaks of is the rich invitation at hand.

Can we, as women, remember and re-member this force within our bodies and within our lives?

Our sexuality is as natural as breath.

It moves within because it is the deepest life force. To come into alignment with it is to align with life.

Sexuality is not simply having sex. It is awakening to our nature, returning to the wholeness of the feminine, and remembering that at the center of our female bodies lies the void of creation.

We embody the creatrix, the void out of which all arises. To turn our attention inward, to the innermost recesses of the heart and the birthing capacity of the feminine, opens us to re-member this force.

Can we feel life moving within? Can we begin to trust what we see, especially when it is not visible to the eye?

I see things.

I know things.

Ways are shown.

Yet, I learned at a young age to cut them off before they really blossomed in my consciousness; my intellect learned to come in quickly and try to rationalize and explain these unexplainable things.

As a woman, I walk in ways not understood by the intellect. These ways, these feelings and knowings that are irrational to the intellect, but exquisite morsels to the soul, are calling to me to listen. There is no time to dawdle. They call me to play in the stream of deep healing and honoring.

Trees speak.

The sun shines.

Life pulses.


And, you?

What do you hear?

Image: Sun Spot with Light Rays, Let it Shine AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by Torley

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5 Replies to “Trees Speak”

  1. What a flow there is today. Wow! just came from the Summer Blooming Series~ had quite a moment of release, then to arrive here & read your beautiful words. This feels so good and natural. You & the tribe have helped me to reach this point where I have touched me today. She is as beautiful as I remember.
    What an incredible feeling.
    “I see things. I know things. Ways are shown.
    thank you beautiful lady. i can see you smiling.

    1. Ah, Jo. What a gorgeous comment. Yes, I am smiling. The Summer Blooming Series is beautiful, isn’t it!
      She is beautiful.

  2. There’s a sadness in the erotic for me, a grief connected to old numbness.

    There is violence we all sometimes experience at the hands of another, the whole range from physical violence, down to even the small ways that well-intentioned and loving people can commit small acts of oblivious harm. And there’s an understandable response we adopt, I know I have definitely adopted this, of numbing out, for the sake of self-protection.

    I feel more grief about my fossilized numbness than I do about the original violence. I move back and forth between the avid wondrous juicy life of the erotic, and that old numbness, and when I get tired, or scared, or lonely, the erotic can be very difficult for me to access. I am finding I need to make room for the grief in order to access the erotic at all.

    It’s a practice.

    1. Karen,

      Thank you for sharing so freely. Yes, many of us have numbed ourselves because of pain and violence. I think this is some of the most important work women can do these days…to feel the grief, to awaken the cells of the body, so we can fully feel our womanhood and become fully conscious beings connected to the earth.

      I think what you wrote, “I am finding I need to make room for the grief in order to access the erotic at all.” is key.

  3. Your words my dear are “exquisite morsels to the soul.” To my soul. To the soul of the feminine, of woman, of this sacred Earth. Love you.

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