Loved Me Fiercely

Photo Booth, 1964

Perfect? No.

Loved me? Yes. Fiercely.

She became a single mother of three young girls in the early sixties,
a time when being so was judged harshly.

She did whatever it took to provide for us. Whatever it took.

with a wild side that was never really expressed,
she taught me about
hard work,
taking action,
oil painting,
ice skating and
remembering our ancestors.

She taught me about Spirit,
things you can’t see but know in your bones,
and a deep love for four-leggeds.

She taught me to champion for women,
animals and the earth.

She taught me to find a way to carry on when life brings painful times.

She taught me to see the unconditional love that shines through conditioning.


Joan left her body three years ago, today.

Perfect? No.

Loved me? Yes. Fiercely.

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10 Replies to “Loved Me Fiercely”

  1. This is a beautiful way to acknowledge … well, I hardly know what to say. Tonight, I’m taking my daughter to a poetry open mic where I’ve promised not to embarrass her, which means I won’t read a poem with her in it. I plan, instead, to read a poem about my own mother, who has been gone since 1993. I’ll think of you and Joan as I read.

  2. what a beautiful tribute – even if i am a day or so late. (and i’m so sorry about that.) the best thing i think your mother did? she created YOU. xo

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