Dahlias, Feminine Flesh and Love – August’s Potpourri

Dahlias in the Window

Good Morning!

This is a little August Potpourri post.

A potpourri is both

a mixture of flowers, herbs and spices used to scent one’s space and

a more generic mixture of things.

This post is both. We’ve got flowers, spice and…not sure it’s an herb, but then we get to mix it up however we want. I’m hoping this potourri scents your space and day with love and beauty.

The flowers… Dahlias in the window of the flower shop that’s just down the street from me. I love walking by to see what the latest arrangement is. And, I love capturing an image of both inside and outside, looking through the glass both ways.


I’m guest posting at 3Sisters, today:

The Mystery Robed in Clothes of Sacred Feminine Flesh


Humans use representations to make up, in their minds, what the world is like, how people behave and even how they should be and what they should do. We create images in our minds of how things are, and then we compare ourselves to those images, and more often than not, see how we don’t measure up.

There are so many representations of women in our world; so many archetypes; so many images and idols. How do we come to know ourselves anew, broken free of the gazillion ways women are represented in the manifested, constructed and imagined world?

Pin-ups & Centerfolds.

Rubens & Picasso.

Cosmo & Vogue.

Ms & Jezebel.

Mary & Qwan Yin.

Eve & Pandora.

Marilyn & Sophia.

Beyonce & Brittany.

Venus & Aphrodite.

Buffy & Xena.

Kali & Durga.

…continue reading at 3Sisters…


I’ll close with a reminder…

Do all of what you do with the great love that you are.

Many, many blessings to you.

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2 Replies to “Dahlias, Feminine Flesh and Love – August’s Potpourri”

  1. Thanks for the photo of dahlias. I’m currently in love with them. I planted some tubers in my garden this spring and have delighted in watching them come up. More will be planted next year, they are the best. And thanks for the rest of the post, too!

  2. you know i love the dahlias, me and my new addiction. it’s a controlled addiction. i have 3, and that’s it. (for this year.) love your dahlia photos – especially love this one with the reflections on the glass. makes it rather a collage. beautiful. and now i’m off to catch up with your guest post.

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