Get it Done!


If you’ve ever wondered what the fierce feminine looks like, watch this video.

Anjali Appadurai is her name. And, as she says to the elected
officials who haven’t gotten it done,

“You have been negotiating all my life.”

“Respect the integral values of humanity. Respect the future of your descendents….

Governments of the developed world: Deep cuts, now. Get it done!”

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One Reply to “Get it Done!”

  1. Very well said, except perhaps for the blame. My generation? My mother’s generation? There have been plenty of people who stood up and said these things, only to be shouted down by the media, which is owned by the corporations who have done this. We the people are guilty of being fooled, conned. Let’s tell the truth here. I don’t feel hopeful, after so many years of saying the same things to deaf ears. It is too late to prevent what has already been set in motion, but perhaps the devastation can be abbreviation somewhat. It seems though, that change will only come when the suffering is brought home to the perpetrators. I commend her all the same. Very well spoken Anjali.

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