It Is Going To Be Led By Women


This is Larry Merculieff. He speaks  on indigenous elder wisdom and modern day personal to global challenges.

I feel this is one of the most important videos of this time. It is over fourteen minutes long, and it is worth watching many, many times. From this talk:

“Most men and women, and even many spiritual leaders, have forgotten why women were considered sacred. Because, like a hologram inside of their bodies is the direct and exact sacred condition as the womb in the center of the universe, that is physically manifested in their womb.”

“Women, now, are being called to restore their own center of power, because even with all of this violence that has been done to women for thousands of years, you still hold this sacredness in your bodies…in the womb.”

“There is a sacred vibrational field inside of the woman that we have forgotten to honor that is the place of all the things born. Nothing new can be birthed without woman.”

“There is a way out of this and it is going to be led by women.”

“Without restoring the sacred feminine, nothing new is going to occur in this world. Nothing. We can’t think ourselves out of these problems.”


Please share with me how this video moves you, as a woman, as a man.

And, please share this with others.

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7 Replies to “It Is Going To Be Led By Women”

  1. Not all of us have forgotten, or ever did. And feminine energy doesn’t exist solely inside of women. 😉 Would love to get to a place where more people can see this without the gender assignments to polarities. And I think women are the ones to lead that way of thinking. I would beg to differ: it’s going to be balanced *people* that lead the way for we all have both of those energies.

  2. What I know is that the man who honors the Sacred Feminine withIn himSelf… will ‘step back’…so to speak… for Woman to Lead the Way…

    A way of acknowledgment for the centuries of Our suppression… not because his ego is needing to feel equal…
    as Larry says, as Sacred Warriors… who have laid down their weapons… and come down from the towers of isolation and embattlement to Walk, side-by-side, Hand-In-Hand with the Divine Feminine….In ALL Our Hearts

  3. Today as I painted images from the earth, tears were pouring down my face as I could feel the pain of all the centuries bleeding out of the trees and onto the canvas. I cried for my daughters, I cried for men and women everywhere, I cried for the desecration of the earth because we have forgotten. This is a timely and beautiful video Julie and I thank you for sharing it.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Julie. This message is so important! The Dalai Lama has said the same thing. The message is being spread. And the answer is not to replace the patriarchy with a matriarchy, which are both about power, but as others have said, to achieve balance between our sacred feminine and masculine. But until the patriarchal powers that be honor the feminine within and without, we will not progress. And it starts with each one of us.

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