We inter-are with our Mother Earth

Ocean Currents Like a Living Van Gogh Painting


“…if the human species wakes up and knows how to live
with responsibility, compassion, and loving kindness,
the human species can be a living organism
with the capacity to protect the body of Mother Earth.
We have to see that we inter-are with our Mother Earth,
that we live with her and die with her.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh


Cycles. Rhythms. Eddies. Whirlpools. Phases. Tides. Currents.

Motion and Emotion.

Our lives move in these ways.

We move in these ways.

Winds Past - Mar 27, 2012

Just like the oceans, winds, too, move in cycles, eddies and flows.


Women’s bodies are connected to the Earth, and when we are conscious of her, conscious that her soul needs healing, too, we can love her back to healing.

Like the earth, we are not rational beings, no matter how hard we try to make it so.

Our world is not linear nor rational. It’s only the rational mind that tries to categorize, compare and contrast in order to make some sense of the spiral, circular nature of life.

The feminine moves in non-linear ways.

When you find yourself making yourself wrong for not being reasonable and rational all the time, moving in spiral and circles rather than a straight line, remember our Mother and how she moves. Remember your nature. Remember you are connected to her, and in this remembrance you organically and naturally participate in the healing of all of life.


Watch the time-lapse video, Perpetual Ocean, on Nasa’s Flickr page.

The Scientific Visualization Studio at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center created this beautiful animation called Perpetual Oceanwhich visualizes the ocean’s surface currents over a 30-month period between June 2005 and December 2007. The animation was created using NASA and JPL’s high-resolution model of the global oceans, which is normally used for running simulations and predicting changes in the currents. But this time the results were exaggerated to produce this short film that looks like it sprang from a Vincent Van Gogh canvas. 

Watch the wind currents over the US.

Thank you to Working With Oneness for sharing this beautiful image from Nasa.



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  1. Love love love this post. Have been feeling VERY non-linear these past few weeks and as we’re so often told, have felt very wrong about this. This morning am saying ‘to heck with that’ and embracing my curvy, cyclic, whirlpool-y, non-linear thinking. Thanks for such a nice post. Amazing pictures too, by the way. How lucky we are to live on such a beautiful planet. Tammy 🙂

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