The Grand Affair





I love softness, blurry lines, rich deep color.





All qualities I love, and

words others use to describe how they experience me.


I’ve always loved color…deep rich color.

Something draws me immediately to a flower… especially when

sunshine illuminates the flower’s fleshy petals or

the petals are open just enough to display, yet protect, the tender stamen inside.

How lovely it is to discover that which resonates so deeply with the soul.


And, you?

What calls to your soul?

What stirs your heart, quickens your pulse, catches your breath?

What wakes you up with a jolt to remind you you are vibrantly alive?

These things shine back to you the nature of your own being.


Everything is waiting for your attention, your love.

Everything is waiting to be seen, felt, touched, tasted and heard by you.

It’s all part of the grand affair,├é┬ádivinely choreographed for your pleasure and perception.

It’s all here to wake you up,

with great aplomb,

to the truth and the beauty of what you really are.

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4 Replies to “The Grand Affair”

  1. Sighs … your images and words make me swoon! I too love color and nothing excites me more than row upon row of colors be it bottles of paint lining the art store shelf, skeins of yarn in vibrant and tactile piles, or a a riotous field of wildflowers. Seeing all that color reminds me of the immensity of possibilities that lie waiting in my imagination, in my heart and in my life.

    But what causes me to catch my breath repeatedly and with renewed wonder and surprise is catching my daughter, unaware of my presence, as she sings and dances to her own songs, tasting her own power of expression and being. Total delight and inspiration! xo Lis

  2. Oh, wow, oh wow, oh wow. Not sure what to say other than thank you. You are a big part of the way the world is working to wake me up, of that I am certain. Thank you. xo

  3. This is so beautiful, Julie, the image and the words. I think color and curves and softness call to me too, which is why I am so drawn to your images of flowers.

  4. dear sister, I often am woken early in the mornings being moved from within , my hips rotating with my body in a spiraling movement from a point unknown, seemingly deep within..i do not know it, and i am happy for its insistent company this year. so kind and so new and so real… is all waking me up, the light, the birds, the smell of the spring morning air…..with such graceful care, not to frighten me………..

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