Divine Appetite: God longing to know God in Female Form


On Whidbey Island

Something important happens when women gather.

I just spent three magical days on Whidbey Island with women I respect and love. I originally met each of them online; now I know them as real life friends. These women are beautiful human beings.

We soaked up the sun and the beauty of Whidbey Island. We watched a bald eagle with awe. We danced, laughed, and were amazed by each other’s brilliance.

I loved being with them. I witnessed so many forms of beauty. I opened my heart and asked to be loved.

My body was held.

My soul was fed.

My eyes were dried.

My laughter was immense.

The inside of me, that place where no knows what really goes on, where no one sees the tumult of my soul unfold, is richer, wiser and forever changed from my time with these women because, as Rilke wrote, “inside human beings is where God learns.

Just ten hours

after I returned from Whidbey, I co-taught a class with my friend and colleague, Mary Corrigan, for the Women’s Initiative for Self Employment in San Francisco. Mary invited me to join her and the sixteen female entrepreneurs she’s teaching in this six-week course on creativity and business.

I led a segment on sensual discovery…ways to come into the body so we can be present and awake to the creative spirit within and the world in which we create. It was amazing…women so present in their bodies that it became difficult to engage the brain in it’s usual form of over-thinking and judging.

Mary and I then dined at Gracias Madre on a delectable meal of empanadas and beet salad. If you’ve ever dined at Gracias Madre, you know there is no way to describe in words the beauty of this food.

All of this time with women and with the feminine. I am fortunate. It seems to be the nature of my life these days.

Something in me longs to know myself unveiled. Something inside of me hungers to experience the feminine face of God. Something in me drinks in these moments when I am in the company of women who are willing to be vulnerable, willing to speak of their fears as well as their wisdom, willing to open their hearts to each other so we can all come to know the depth of the feminine in human form.

I am drinking up the healing offered from these gatherings of women.

We are coming to know the feminine in ourselves by knowing it in other women. It is a remembering, a relearning, a reclaiming.

I now know that my love of, and thirst for, connection with other women is divine appetite.

This divine appetite is God wanting to know God in unabashedly female form. Through them. Through me. Woman to Woman.


And, You?

Are you, too, hungering to gather with women? Are you hungering for this healing? Are you thirsting to know yourself as the sacred in female form?

Can we open our hearts to this deep, deep longing within, this place where God learns? This place where the divine spark within each of us can experience the sacred nature of all of life?

Join me in this place of longing and desire, this place of divine appetite. This is the place of the new story of Woman.


Awaken the Wild: a 7-Day Virtual Sensual Immersion from Molokai

I’m traveling to Molokai in just ten days to attend another gathering of women. Yes, this seems to be the nature of my life these days.

While I am there, I’m going to be sharing my experience on this wild island through this complimentary eCourse, “Awaken the Wild”. Over seven days, you’ll receive a daily email that will direct you to a password protected page with audios, images, poetry and practices to bring this wild land into your life and awaken the wild land within you.

You can read more about this eCourse, here.

I’d love to have you join me…join us. Many women are already registered for this virtual immersion to Awaken the Wild.

Let’s discover the wild land within, together.

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6 Replies to “Divine Appetite: God longing to know God in Female Form”

  1. “I opened my heart and asked to be loved.
    My body was held.
    My soul was fed.
    My eyes were dried.
    My laughter was immense.
    The inside of me, that place where no knows what really goes on, where no one sees the tumult of my soul unfold, is richer, wiser and forever changed…”

    This is beautiful. And what a yearning I have to be able to share this type of intimacy with others. Thank you for sharing this, Julie…this hope.

  2. Molokai and Whidbey….I’ve been to both islands in different contexts, for different reasons from yours, Julie. I could only have imagined how tenderly, wildly, they hold and embrace you and the other women as you gather(ed). Now your kind gift makes it more than imagination. Thank you.

  3. inside human beings is where God lives… divine appetite… your words articulate so beautifully and lovingly what I (and so many of us are longing for). Thank you for your path, your courage, the God in you that calls to meet us. I feel blessed that our paths have come back around at this time of our unveiling.

  4. I keep having a dream where I am sitting on my yoga mat with three muses gathered around me. One speaks to me of fear, the other speaks to me of the divine, and one, who happens to look just like you speaks to me of love. It is a marvelous dream. A dream in which we fall awake to the wild. xoxox

  5. I get tears in my eyes when I read of how we’re all starting to reclaim the Goddess! Its so profoundly heartening and I believe will work its magic as more and more of us connect deeply to heal Mother Gaia and the sacred feminine, and humanity’s appropriate relationship to her. Thank you so much for your work, its so good to read your words from the other side of the planet (I’m in Melbourne, Australia).

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