Let’s gather, Together


Let’s gather, Together

I am in an unfolding, and I am in it with you. I sense we all are. The energies are strong right now. Big energies of change and transformation.
I thought I would be beginning my course RISE this week. But I am not. Instead, I’ve been listening for something new that is just on the edge of making itself known. It was clear that something else was calling to me. RISE had a lot of interest but wasn’t filling. And so I decided to pull it off the market and sit down to listen to what it is that is trying to come.
Why am I sharing this with you? Because I think it is powerful to be open about how different things are now than they used to be. We are in some really deep changes on this planet and if we are attuned even a little bit to these changes, we will see how deeply they are affecting our lives – especially those of us who are living and working in these fluid ways as artists and entrepreneurs.
We are in a deeply creative process, one that includes a process of destruction first. A lot of what we have been doing and engaged in is no longer viable, meaning there is no more life in these things. And that is how this work I have been doing for almost 15 years feels with regard to Unabashedly Female. It’s not that the work itself is not good and powerful and deeply transformative – it is that I am needing to bring something forth where I am more alive. Something where what wants to come through me can in a way that is unobstructed.
What I am stepping into is not clear in some ways, but in others it is. Offering a space without curriculum, without a linear focus, but with an overall holding of something profoundly important – a shift for us into a new relationship to the cultural systems, to life itself, to the earth, to each other, and to the natural and organic power-from-within we are learning to embody in order to help birth our new human way of being in this world.
I want to be together with you. I want to see your faces, if you are ready to show them, and if not to hear your voices. I have been holding deep space for some time now through my courses and my coaching. And in these spaces, there is always an agenda of some type which is absolutely appropriate considering the work that is being done. But I want to offer an additional way of being together. It is communion. It is listening. It is a weaving together. And it is a chance for me to share things I see that I haven’t shared before…a way to do it by voice rather than through writing. 
So it is more than a circle. I am leading it and I will speak to things that come up, and yet it is also a place for us to listen to what wants to emerge through all of us being together. We will ask questions. We will listen into things. We will commune together. We will honor Life.
I am not at all sure how this will go but it is in the doing that we learn.

Let’s Gather, Together

Saturday, April 29th, from 9 to 10 am pdt

Register here

there is no cost

For those of you that don’t yet know about Zoom, it is a platform where we can meet by video, or audio, too, if you need to connect by phone.
For one hour we will dance together. Not literally, although I would love that. But we will dance with our time to see what unfolds. I have a few ideas in mind, but I’d love for you to come with your deep listening skills and an open heart.
If you have questions, come with them.

Let’s gather, together.


Divine Appetite: God longing to know God in Female Form


On Whidbey Island

Something important happens when women gather.

I just spent three magical days on Whidbey Island with women I respect and love. I originally met each of them online; now I know them as real life friends. These women are beautiful human beings.

We soaked up the sun and the beauty of Whidbey Island. We watched a bald eagle with awe. We danced, laughed, and were amazed by each other’s brilliance.

I loved being with them. I witnessed so many forms of beauty. I opened my heart and asked to be loved.

My body was held.

My soul was fed.

My eyes were dried.

My laughter was immense.

The inside of me, that place where no knows what really goes on, where no one sees the tumult of my soul unfold, is richer, wiser and forever changed from my time with these women because, as Rilke wrote, “inside human beings is where God learns.

Just ten hours

after I returned from Whidbey, I co-taught a class with my friend and colleague, Mary Corrigan, for the Women’s Initiative for Self Employment in San Francisco. Mary invited me to join her and the sixteen female entrepreneurs she’s teaching in this six-week course on creativity and business.

I led a segment on sensual discovery…ways to come into the body so we can be present and awake to the creative spirit within and the world in which we create. It was amazing…women so present in their bodies that it became difficult to engage the brain in it’s usual form of over-thinking and judging.

Mary and I then dined at Gracias Madre on a delectable meal of empanadas and beet salad. If you’ve ever dined at Gracias Madre, you know there is no way to describe in words the beauty of this food.

All of this time with women and with the feminine. I am fortunate. It seems to be the nature of my life these days.

Something in me longs to know myself unveiled. Something inside of me hungers to experience the feminine face of God. Something in me drinks in these moments when I am in the company of women who are willing to be vulnerable, willing to speak of their fears as well as their wisdom, willing to open their hearts to each other so we can all come to know the depth of the feminine in human form.

I am drinking up the healing offered from these gatherings of women.

We are coming to know the feminine in ourselves by knowing it in other women. It is a remembering, a relearning, a reclaiming.

I now know that my love of, and thirst for, connection with other women is divine appetite.

This divine appetite is God wanting to know God in unabashedly female form. Through them. Through me. Woman to Woman.


And, You?

Are you, too, hungering to gather with women? Are you hungering for this healing? Are you thirsting to know yourself as the sacred in female form?

Can we open our hearts to this deep, deep longing within, this place where God learns? This place where the divine spark within each of us can experience the sacred nature of all of life?

Join me in this place of longing and desire, this place of divine appetite. This is the place of the new story of Woman.


Awaken the Wild: a 7-Day Virtual Sensual Immersion from Molokai

I’m traveling to Molokai in just ten days to attend another gathering of women. Yes, this seems to be the nature of my life these days.

While I am there, I’m going to be sharing my experience on this wild island through this complimentary eCourse, “Awaken the Wild”. Over seven days, you’ll receive a daily email that will direct you to a password protected page with audios, images, poetry and practices to bring this wild land into your life and awaken the wild land within you.

You can read more about this eCourse, here.

I’d love to have you join me…join us. Many women are already registered for this virtual immersion to Awaken the Wild.

Let’s discover the wild land within, together.


Pieces of Life


The first few days of November hold deeply meaningful things for me.

November 1st is the date I was due with my first child, Jackie.
She came eleven days later, on November 11, but for some reason I always remember the 1st, too, as if the day I was due to deliver also marked the crossing of a threshold.

Perhaps it was because for eight months this date stretched out in front of me as the day I would become a mother. I remember the feeling of this date being etched in my heart before I knew how my heart would break open to the unconditional love I felt when I first held each of my daughters.

The last day of October and first few days of November also mark a time when the veil between life here and life beyond is thin – then enough to feel and sense life on the other side. Life almost seems to have a magical quality to it during these hours and days.

In these days, I feel a strong desire to go inward, to begin the descent into the darker months of late autumn and winter. This desire to go inward sits awkwardly with the warm sunny days we have here in the Bay Area during this same time.

Yesterday, I spent a part of my day co-working with a few fellow coaches and writers. At the suggestion of Tara Mohr, we began to meet one day a month to work together, to enjoy community, and I’ve come to look forward to simply being with these lovely women.

As I sat in Rachel‘s kitchen, the sun shined so brightly into the room that I could have sworn it was late July. While the heat felt like summer, the warm cozy colors of her home deepened the urge I feel to settle indoors, making a warm cozy space in which to write.

Andrea and her son joined us as we took time out from work to eat. I felt so at peace simply being with friends, eating good food and talking about everyday things. I tend to be a loner, and I’ve been consciously trying to spend more time with others.

The way of women is to come together, and for some reason I learned habits that conditioned me to spend so much time alone. I am learning to come together with women. It hasn’t been easy. And, I long for it.

I’ve had the pleasure

of getting to know another woman, a woman I first met at the World Domination Summit in June. We met in an unexpected way. The doors of the hotel elevator opened and lo and behold, Jamie Ridler, who I had only known through social media, stood there right in front of my eyes. I witnessed her divine smile in real time.

Just a few weeks ago, Jamie invited me to be a guest on her podcast series. Let me tell you, speaking with Jamie was one of the most ease-filled times I’ve ever experienced. As you’ll notice on the podcast, our conversation was so fluid and effortless.

In this podcast, Jamie also shares some of her own wisdom. And then, further into the recording, Jamie and I speak of creativity and the Feminine, what it means to be creative as a woman.

I’m excited to share this talk with you. I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear what it sparks for you.

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