The world will heal when women’s hips speak freely again.


The music pulses and my hip responds.
It’s my right hip.
She’s clearly talking.
She’s got something to say.
She’s been silent for eons, but now she’s awake.

Hips can be like that.
Especially women’s hips.
They can hold onto words not said, impulses not acted upon, and instincts not honored.
Until, one day, they wake up.

The music is all drums and she begins to thrust.
Just drums.
Just beat.
The drums speak her language and she’s deep in conversation.

Hips and pelvis are sacred territory.
All around the sacrum, deep in the pelvic bowl, lies the glorious instinctive feminine.
She sways and thrusts, drawing divine infinity marks with rhythmic precision.

Her mother tongue is ancient.
No words, just movement.

She’s asserting herself.
She’s uncoiling eons of serpent-like wisdom and sensuality.

She guides me to the wall and makes it clear I must dance against it.
Palms pressed hard against the wood slats, I can feel her power undulating and spiraling out.
It’s as if my entire body wants to experience this power in its cells – all the way out the arms to the tips of my fingers, out my legs to where my toes meet the ground.

She talks and talks and talks.
After centuries of silence, she has much to say.
She’s not going back.
She’s awake now.
She knows her medicine is good medicine.

She knows the world will heal when women’s hips speak freely again.

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6 Replies to “The world will heal when women’s hips speak freely again.”

  1. So powerful Julie. It makes me want to shy away and at the same time, find the rhythm and let my own hips speak freely. The internal battle of the silenced and the silencer, playing out right here inside me, right now as I read.

  2. She’s talking …..Hail Mary, Honor to every Woman, especially the Earth, through which all life is created. Blessed are the fruits of all wombs, to be bowed to as the holy portal from which every divine child is born. May the hips of this bowl that holds the Ocean of Life, shake and sway and roll so what may spill will feed the Sacred River in the wild journey through Life. May all spirit that comes into form, matter ( as from the mother), as life is born of the sexy spirited woman who has great hips. May all hips be free.

  3. Me first step back toward myself happened because my right hip got so tight hiding from what was happening in my life that I was diagnosed with sciatica or maybe multiple sclerosis. I didn’t belive either was true and I began to get to know my body–to listen to its wisdom. Yes, let our hips sway, move, sing, dance, and talk to us with deep truths…

  4. I fell and hurt my left hip two weeks ago … I had to click on your post, because what you are saying is resonating. Let our hips speak, indeed. I am listening …

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