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The most life-changing ‘article’ I experienced this year was, and still is, The Great Death, delivered in the medium of video by Andrew Harvey. This video is actually the first of seven, and it drew me in so quickly and deeply that I watched another, and another, and another, until I had watched all seven in one sitting. As I watched, I realized I finally had a term and words to put to what my work has become – Sacred Activism.

Over the past seven years, I have been drawn deeper and deeper into the darkness of the Sacred Feminine. It really has been longer than that, but it was seven years ago that I could name what was happening within my being. I’ve been aware of the re-awakening of the sacred feminine within consciousness, as a whole, and within my own psyche. I left my work as a programmer/analyst because I knew I must help birth this consciousness within me, and within others.

After being zinged by Andrew, I contacted the Institute and joined their co-creator program in July. This first year, they had four coming-togethers in Oak Park, Illinois, so I joined in time for the third and fourth program. Being a part of the program has changed my entire view of how to do this sacred work in the world.

“When the joy of compassionate service is combined with the pragmatic and practical drive to transform all existing economic, social and political institutions, a radical divine force is born – Sacred Activism.

This is my third post in Gwen Bell’s blog challenge, the best of 2009

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3 Replies to “Sacred Activism”

  1. Just yesterday I wrote (in response to an online article written for parents with children on the autistic spectrum) “When did activist become a bad word?” I should have known it wouldn’t resonate when I was slapped with the label “Autism Parent” – how about “Parent of a Unique Child” instead. Well, that’s how I see it/feel it/know it.

    Your post fascinates me. I feel called to find out more.

  2. Great question, Julie! The word activist challenges people. I would be happy to tell you more about Sacred Activism and my experience.

    Your child is so fortunate to have you for a mother. And, from what I know of being a grandmother of a special-needs child, you are just as fortunate to be mom.


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