“Those of us who have been given a knowing of the sacred within ourselves and within the world have a responsibility at this time. We may ask ourselves, “What can I do?” but the inner world primarily requires consciousness rather than action.” ~Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Sometimes, I forget what a gift it is to be aware of the sacredness within oneself, and within the world at large.

It is a gift, and with this gift comes responsibility, because at this time what is necessary is remembrance. Remembrance of the sacredness in all of life. Remembrance of the sacredness of the earth. Remembrance of the Source.

As I wrote to a friend today:

There is something far greater than either of us, all of us, or everything that has ever been created, and it is here, right now, in every cell of existence. When I remember this, I trust once again. So, my task has been, and continues to be, remembrance. I know you know of what I speak.

I can get caught up in the beauty of the manifest world: the beautiful skies, the prolific spring flowers, the sweetness of my grandchildren’s faces. In all of these I enjoy the radiance of life, yet, the inner world is where I consciously connect with the sacredness that is at the heart of all the lives.

To allow it to be so profoundly simple, to approach life with this single focus of consciousness can be difficult for me, until I remember to remember the Source. Then, in the moments of remembering, all else falls away and all that remains is what is real and true.

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7 Replies to “Remembrance”

  1. Beautiful and simple. I use Remembrance as a practice to help me get heart connected to what matters most in my life and as a way of bringing aliveness to my relationship with Source. This one practice reminds me that I am never alone and that I am loved.

  2. this reminds me of the adrienne rich poem i read just last night… phantasia for elvira shatayev ( … a poem told from the 1st person perspective of one woman, on a team of women climbers, who died on the mountain they climbed & whose husband later went to find and bury their bodies.

    they become the mountain, the sky… their life force is not lost. they touched their strength only after letting go of their lives.

    sending you love, dear friend. thank you for your intention, always.

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