Sexual Creature


If you could picture your intuition as a person, what would he or she look like? If you sat down together for dinner, what is the first thing he or she would tell you? ***

First Buds, by John-Morgan

What would she look like?

She is bold.

She is bright and beautiful.

She is alive with light and vibrancy.

She pulses with life force, the same force that pushes seed to flower, that causes the gray gnarled bark to erupt with soft petals of blossom, that speaks fire when the circumstances require it.

She stands completely in her nature, without apology.

What does she say?

” You are a sexual creature.

Your creativity and sexuality are inextricably intertwined.

This sexual vibrant creative energy has nothing to do with men. Nothing.

It is completely about the body and the divine.

The more you disconnect from the projection of this sexual, creative power onto men, the more you will know the experience of your life force solely unto yourself.

Knowing this solely unto yourself frees you to be you in all your radiance.

Then, and only then, can you be in

right relationship

with men, with women, with all of life.




Then she says,

“I’m not your intuition. I am you.”

*** question posed by Susan Piver as part of the Trust30 writing challenge.

First Buds by John-Morgan licensed under CC2.0

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19 Replies to “Sexual Creature”

  1. Mmmm, this is so gorgeous & powerful, as are you.

    That last line = impact & the rest of it was already there waiting to soften the blow — Love, skies full.

  2. I found this post with its inspiring words and exquisite photographs very moving. It also seems to have been written just for me, to help me come out of the rut of my own creativity where I have languished for some time now, writing blogs and clever things instead of what I really want to write. Thank you.

  3. Hello Julie
    Bridgett P said to look you up. What a gift! Love this post. I read. Sat still. And, got my the beauty and power of my life force. Thank you

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